Automatic dsg gearbox problem - help !!


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Jul 20, 2013
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Hi need some advice or some knowledge from some asap .. Got an a3 2.0 t fsi with an auto box and come across a fault and need a help to see if someone knows before take it into a garage. Basically when selected drive and it goes into 1st the car kind of rolls as it should but them kind of judders like its going to stall. Then it's fine. It does it in reverse aswell. Not all the time but minority it does. Any ideas please?
What year is the car 1st?

Calibrate with vcds, if still a problem, service the box.

When was it last serviced?
It's 2008 and was serviced last at 109,000 now it's 117,000. But someone mentioned it may be the solinoide in gear 1. Sorry what does calibrate the vcds mean.
I think he means when was the last time the dsg oil in the box was change, ideally it should be done every 40k miles, but more often than not it is not done at all!
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Have a look on VCDS map see if a user local to you can scan your car and recalibrate the box as mentioned above
Yeap as the discussion was about the dsg, I did mean servicing of the box, not engine :)