leon fr calipers on 2.0 tdi?


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Apr 25, 2004
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wemyss bay
i have been given a full set of seat leon fr calipers and carriers and was hoping to blast, paint and fit them to my 2004 2.0tdi sport.

can anyone tell me if these are the same as whats fitted to my car? or if different will they fit?
no idea all i know is that they came off a leon fr tdi 56 plate.

mines is a 140.
Well if there the same size golf gti brakes they fit iv just put some on mine.

The golf gti's are 312mm

Maybe google the disc size of the fr.

The caliper and pad are the same on the 140 tdi and the golf the only difference Is the disc and carrier
some say they are 288 and some say 312 im just gonna have to give it a go and see i think! hopefully itll just be a case of buying new discs n pads and that'll be me.
Yasssss best thing to fit without being sure of... the breaks haa
yep the stuff ive got is for 312 mm discs so i'll need to get new discs and pads! good excuse for all new brakes!
Pads are the same if the ones you have are ok iv got them fitted to my car there pretty good :) ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21375480872724264

That's 312 in 18s :)

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