Lamin-x Damaging Plastic Lenses


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Apr 9, 2011
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I quite fancy having some Lamin-x subtle tint on my headlights, so in my normal fashion I've been carrying out far too much research.

I understand that there will be a marginal reduction in light output, but as I've got xenons I figured I can afford to lose 6% without noticing much difference. Some people say there's no noticeable light output difference, others say it's quite a lot, but that's not the part that concerns me.

After a lot of reading there are quite a few accounts of the plastic headlight lenses becoming crazed with tiny stress cracks.
It appears to be down to a number of factors the main one being people stretching the film over the lense, which Lamin-x themselves responded to by saying that this is the reason for the cracking. The tabs are just for holding and not for stretching, which some people were doing, along with folding the tabs over the edges stopping the expansion. The temperature changes and the tension in the film put too much strain on the plastic lense causing it to produce tiny cracks.
Another possible cause is down to heat, but xenons produce less heat than halogens, so the jury's out on that one.

I know a few people on here have lamin-x on their headlights, so I was wondering how theirs are holding up?
I'm not saying for a minute that this film is the cause of these headlight cracks, I'm just relaying my concerns in order to be confident enough to buy some without damaging my expensive DRL/Xenon headlights.

What's everyone's opinion on Lamin-x and plastic lenses?
And once again, these claims and causes aren't my opinion, they're just what's being voiced on other forums.

p.s. What's happened to the Lamin-x UK website, it seems to have vanished?
Lamin x UK seems to be down since yesterday as I'm wanting to order some.

Aboht the cracks, I wouldn't read into it too much it's a very rare case and I'd say its down to heat from the lights in the colder months, especially for those that have it on their fogs and think they're clever having them on 24/7.
I think the fogs are glass aren't they, so they wouldn't be affected anyway.
Not that mine are on much, as the xenons look better on their own. My fogs only get about 3 seconds of use at a time anyway as they've been activated as cornering lights.
Cracked mine on halogen headlights...... Wouldn't waste your time.....

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Also the 1st cause for concern is the legalities, as I was informed by my audi guys that any such attachment or film on the headlights is not permitted, so think wisely.
Had the same thing happen to me except with Fli eye mesh, which has holes in it.
Thanks for the opinions everyone. I honestly thought I'd get a lot of positive feedback about the stuff, but it doesn't seem to be very popular.
I was never 100% on it and I think you've helped me make my mind up and I'll give it a miss. Not only because of it's lack of support, but also the fact that it seems that problems arising from having it fitted are more common than I thought.

As for the legallity of it, it does state that in the UK all of their films are legal, but they would say that I suppose. I still won't be getting it though.

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