Thinking about an A4 cabriolet, but B6or B7??

S3 Johnny

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Sep 11, 2009
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Hi Guys.

After a bit of time away from Audi after selling my S3 i think its time for another.

I looking at getting an A4 cabriolet but not sure which one yet, is there much difference between an B6 & B7??

I'm looking at getting the 1.8t just not sure on year yet, I'll have up to about 7.5k, don't really want to spend all of that thou lol

I'm not getting one till the end of the year, beginning of next.
Just want to make sure I get the right one.

Hope you guys can help.

Thanks for your time.

I think the B7 only has a few subtle changes over the B6, I've heard the 1.8t is quite underpowered in the cabrio, guess a good remap could sort this though.

B7's seem to be a fair few £K more than the B6's for what is a very similar car, I must admit I do prefer the B7's looks though.
I love my B6 ... Not sure the B7 was a massive improvement technically but it looks more modern. Choose your engine carefully. My 2.4 petrol isn't quick quick but no turbo or oil pipe issues lol.
Yeah that's a, B6. Also if you can get heated seats ...use mine a lot in cold months with leather.
Only real difference is looks and price you pay. Would save cash and pick up a b6 personally but I'm bias. S-line B7 looks best and would just about fit your budget.