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Apr 30, 2013
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I posted before about a problem with my indicators and its still not sorted, I have a good idea that its the hazard switch relay however I can't find the part anywhere, spoke to loads of breakers. the part number is: 8L0 941 509 K
what does the letter at the end mean? cause I find the same part code other than the last letter :mad: frustrating, don't wanna spend too much but it needs sorting. does anyone know where I can buy one or one that will work in my car. it's a 2000 a3 1.8l 3dr. please help
They're only around £30-£40 brand new from Audi aren't they mate?
The ones in the pre-facelift and facelift are different, your part number appears to be facelift.

When my indicators went all random/stopped I carefully opened the switch up, you just need to press two clips on either side, and using electrical contact cleaner and a fine sharp implement cleaned the relay / throw contacts.

It has been working fine for over 4 months since cleaning it.

According to ETKA 8L0 941 509 K was superseded by 8L0 941 509 L.

DO not buy a new one!

its such a easy fix to diy it.

first what is the problem exactly? is it that they are flicking to fast? do the indicators work normally and its just the hazards?

if so take the casing off the relay box should just slide apart with a few clips (cant remember did mine ages ago)
inside there should be two relays, the right one is for hazards and left for turn signals. there will be a tiny switch which is the ticking noise you hear when indicating, get a tiny screw driver and scratch them up and maybe bend them a little so they are closer to the contacts however don't do it too much or your end up like mine and having annoyingly loud ticking haha and job should be a goodern it took me a couple of tries before i got it working 30min jobs tops saves £40
Well done Tim, if only I knew this a couple of years ago!!!

Hope you get it sorted mate and if not, just get a new one from Dealers or TPS if they serve you.
I got told this and I have tried, before it was the indicators were really random, sometimes they would only click maybe twice before stopping and sometimes they would blink really fast and the hazards worked fine. however after doing this the indicators don't work at all and the hazards still work. I think I must have separated the contact points too much
try bending the contacts so they are touching then slowly seperate them a tiny bit, test it if they are on constantly then seperate a little more
so just bend that little piece of metal with the contact point on it so that it has less of a gap to travel? I will try, so fiddly trying to squeeze a screwdriver down in that little gap haha
well I did manage it with a bit of tin foil however it's did work then I put it all back together and now it's gone again, not working at all, I have a second hand one on order now for £11 but I'm not sure if its the connection at the back of the relay once the relay is sealed, might try and hold it in while I try the indicators