A5 3.0 TDI Quattro or 2.0 FSI Quattro??


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Jul 17, 2013
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Hey everyone!

New on here but been doing a little browsing/searching and you all seem very nice/helpful so hoping you can settle something in my mind!!

I'm on the lookout for an A5 (the 2010 - 2012 models)...previous car was Mk5 VW Golf R32 and I absolutely loved it, so am looking for something with a similar fun factor/thrill of driving!

Need something with 5 doors, that is good economically, really want to keep the 4-wheel drive, has good power and has the fun/smile factor!!

It seems that the A5 3.0 TDI Sportback Quattro S-line fits the bill.....

...or maybe the A5 2.0 FSI Sportback Quattro S-line would too??

Please help/advise in any way you can! Benefits/drawbacks to each??

Thanks everyone!!

3.0 and enjoy the torque
Neither of these will be particularly economical but having driven A5's with both of these engines before getting my 2.0TDi, I would recommend the 3.0TDi, I just couldn't find one with the colour/options package I wanted at the time.
Another thing to bear in mind is that the A5 is a big car so will not be so nimble to chuck around as the Golf.
I went for the 3.0tdi in the end as it is quicker and more economical than the 2.0tfsi. However it is a big car so wont be as nimble as an R32, but the V6 diesel does sound pretty good.
My previous car was an S3 and I loved the 2.0tfsi engine but the diesel made more sense for me.
Whichever you choose the A5 is a very nice car.
I have a 2010 211PS 2.0 Quattro A5 Sportback. I'd suggest coming from an R32 that this will feel underpowered for you. The 3.0 TDI was out of my price range when I bought my car, I'd probably have it or the S5 Sportback with it's 3.0 V6T petrol today for the power. The diesel wins in fuel economy over both petrols.

Good luck choosing.
Sorry, its been a while since I've check in here...

Thanks everyone for the comments! Since my last post I have only went and got myself a 2009 Phantom Black 3.0TDI Quattro S-Line Coupe!!

An absolutely beeeeeeautiful car - stunning to look at and a great engine! Will maybe throw up a post about my pick up day! I am well pleased! Thanks for all your help in deciding! I am one pleased A5 owner!!