Rattle on start up, + fuel economy. S3

Revo, Shark and APR seem to be favourites.
Shark have the same reputation here as they do on Brisky.
Personally I'm looking to have mine done at either APR or Shark.
You'll break the 300bhp barrier on these with ease with a stage 1 map.
I think keeping the torque figures sensible is the key to reliability.

The engine can take loads but the clutch can't.
Sound familiar? LOL

Pretty much all of the software companies have the same figures now as the TFSi has been around for long enough.

Revo,Shark and APR all have good reputations and I think the best way to choose is either to try each with a test map or go with a reliable and reasonably local tuner.

With regards to reliability the engine is good for 440lbs on stock internals but the poor old OEM clutch may take 330 lbs or it may chuck in the towel at Stg1.

I chose Revo a few yrs ago and stayed with them due to the support and upgrade path which Shark and APR can also offer now.
Ok cool, ;) I'll have more of a look into it when the time comes nearer, she's fast enough for me atm,

Wind deflectors arrived today and set it off nicely, just awaiting led number plate lights now :)
Mine has a rattle on start up and it's going in to audi for a service on Friday and have asked them to have a look at it. I park on a slope could this be causing it

Did you find out what this rattle was mate, when I started her today the rattle continued for about 1.5 miles down the road :/
Maybe, I suppose it depends on whether you park nose up or down, I could be talking
complete garbage but it's a theory I've come up with that oil drains away if you park
nose up.

Mine is still doing even when I'm parking on a flat surface.
Some rattle because of oil starvation where hydraulic tappets take a few seconds to come up to pressure.
Some rattle because of oil starvation where hydraulic tappets take a few seconds to come up to pressure.

I've just spoken to a local mechanic and he said that they mite have used the wrong oil and it's not getting upto the tappets quick enough on start up, sound about rite?
Could it be possible that the rattling is coming from the pulleys? It's an 08 plate so 5 years old now and it's due them to be done? Any ideas?
Silly question - do you park your car across a slope? My office car park has spaces 90degrees to quite a steep slope, if I park with the passenger side on the higher side, my car rattles for a split second but oil light goes out right away. No noise however when starting with drivers door facing up.

I always assumed it was the oil running out of the tappets rather than poor pick up from the sump, if it was the latter I'm sure it'd be knockking by now.

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