A3 2.0 TDI 140, turbo/boosting problems


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Feb 4, 2013
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hey all

My a3 is very strange sometimes itll have loads of power other times it wont, the turbo does hiss quite a lot but heard that was common with these models?

Anyway, say i have a car full and am going up a hill the turbo will really stuggle and on rare occasions it will cut out all together until i turn off the car completely and start it up again.

Ive tried to see if it makes a difference when the engine is warm but it appears to be random.

Any ideas ? thanks
The turbo's internal parts are getting stuck & causing overboost issues & thus gives you limp mode, so if this turns out to be the case, more than likely is, then 2 options, remove & clean or swap out for new.

Depending where you are, we could do this for you.

Also got a brand new turbo sitting in a box to sell.
How much are we looking at for the turbo?
I'll PM price for ours.

Beware of cheap units refurbed with Chinese inferior internals, that simply are not up to the task of the boost levels.
Forget it, its a temp solution that doesn't work very well tbh, only way to guarantee good results is to remove, strip, clean & refit or fit a new one.

I've done number of these & the grime I've cleaned of them internally, would no way come of with this stuff.
As NHN said, how many miles have you done? Has the turbo been changed before in its history? Might be worth a new or recon on instead of a clean?
the car has done 106k , i got it on 103k so dont know to much about the history!