A4 TFSI dead? Dash lights on, then died, now wont start!


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Apr 19, 2011
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Need some advice: travelling on motorway yesterday and suddenly my dash lights came on and the oil pressure light. Power steering and brakes were lost as the engine died. It now turns over but wont start?
Cam belt intact, it didnt drop oil.
Could this be fuel pump, oil pump, alternator?
Any help appreciated!
my bet is you've blown a cold pack and its taken out the engine managment fuse. You will need a 30amp fuse iirc, and you need to take the wipers and scuttle off, the fuse is under the ECU. cheap fix. but beware if its a coil pack, it will blow again. smell each coil pack for the burnt one.
Thanks for advice guys, it was actually more serious and as a result im looking at a new engine. The local specialist garage tested the compression and it was very low, they stripped it and found the head was scored and the cams at the back of the head were worn. The timing was out and they suspect that the cam chain skipped and knocked its timing out, bending a valve. The oil pump also appears to have failed. Im looking at getting a good second hand engine but can only find one with different codes currently, im assuming the different codes (but same engine) are interchangeable?