Drivers Window Regulator Broken


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Feb 27, 2012
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So putting my window up today and PING. Regulator has broken. 2003 B6 Avant

Does anyone know if VAG do a repair kit for these and how much? Had a look on the bay but quality from pics looks a bit ropey unless anyone has fitted one they'd recommend?

yep as above
or go breakers yard
Had mine go a few months ago, & repair kit from TPS was about £88 IIRC. Quite an operation to fit though took me a good hour and a half.
Don't buy a repair kit off the bay! My regulator went back in the winter, bought a repair kit on eBay and it worked for about 3 minutes.
Still haven't got around to fixing it but will definitely be replacing the whole thing with a genuine item when I do.
Got the same problem.What brand is oem in there and what brand should i buy then?
Buy the audi part it's not that bad a job to fit, you will also need to buy the plastic clips that hold the door card on as they break easily when you pop the card off the door.
That's a great guid, hopefully I'll never need it, but going by the two mk4 based cars I've had I will.