Rs3 to RS5

but if you spend £500 on the RS3, the RS5 will be left way behind... Love the sound of the V8, but on the RS5 it's muted and needs a Milltek or other aftermarket exhaust to sound right just like the RS4, everything tuning wise on the big V8s costs a bomb which means realistically it will probs remain standard.

Agree, but I don't like tuning cars as it affects the warranty, would much rather just keep standard.

For me, the RS5 is a stunning looking car, and is the main reason I bought it and not really for any performance gains (although 3rd gear in this is EPIC). I did love the RS3 but after seeing a lot of the new A3's about it's starting to look a bit dated, plus (where I live at least) it got all the attention of the chavs and my Wife thought it looked too Hafords/boy racer stylee :):)

The exhaust is a personal thing, mine has the sports exhaust, and hearing my Dad drive off in it the other day in "Dynamic" mode it sounded a lot better than my B7 RS4 ever did! Again, I wouldn't fork out £3k for a Caprisco or whatever exhaust, far too noisy for me!
I took my mate up from the West Midlands to Liverpool Audi last week in my RS3 to collect his RS5 - previous owner one Steven Gerrard Esq. It was a few months old, Stevie G had part exed it for an RS5 cabriolet. He's a big Audi fan apparently. It was Suzuka grey with a nice big 'Premiership footballer' spec. We had a good compare on the way back with the two cars. Off the line I would say the RS3 would just shade it, but when we were blasting back down the M6 there was nothing in it at all - from any speed side by side etc. I love the way the RS5 looks and I do like the more up to date interior and the V8 howl, but that doesn't mean I don't like my RS3 - I do. Is the RS5 worth 20 odd grand more than the RS3? I would have to say no as it's no quicker, but I would say that as I drive an RS3...
Is it "gilford" off TZ-UK by any chance? Must be with the car history... Lovely new motor by the way!
Is it "gilford" off TZ-UK by any chance? Must be with the car history... Lovely new motor by the way!

The one and only mate :)

I looked at that RS5 in Liverpool, couldn't justify the extra £16k for the slight revisions, plus now you have told me who owned it previously I'm really glad I didn't (being a City fan ;))

Totally with you re the power, they are nigh on exactly the same, but I would say from 60 upwards on an airstrip the RS5 would pull. I did see a few vids on YouTube a while back by M5 board but they have since been removed.......
Yes I was picking my TT up on the 31st May and he was due any minute to pick his RS5 convertible up.. think it was one of the first ones to be made? (late reply I know!!)

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