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Nov 17, 2011
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If I buy a front 2008 front bumper that has come off a car without front fog lights, and has the blank fog light grills......will I still be able to install fog lights to it? in other words, will it still have all the fittings behind the blank grill?

Pretty sure the mountings go into the chassis as opposed to just securing to the bumper
Just found the answer, but just for anyone else that stumbles across with the same query.

AUDI A3 2004 TO 2008 FRONT BUMPER | eBay

This one has a a blank and the fittings behind. So they all have the fog fittings.

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Yes you can fit fogs as they all have the screw fixings in place, just the fog grill type hides these behind, so don't worry.
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So do you need to run your own wires to fog lights or are there connectors behind the bumper? Also does the bumper have to be removed from car to fit them?
Run wires in if no fogs previously.

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