Replacing the small 5W bulb (side light/DRL) on the left side


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Feb 17, 2013
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Hello everyone,

A few days ago I switched on the car and got the "Side light/daylight running light, left side" message. I checked it, and it's correct - it stopped working. It's no big deal (normally it's hard to even see it's not working), but the beeep every time I start the engine is bugging me.

However, I find it impossible to replace it.

I replaced the right side equivalent in 1 minute flat, but the left side bulb socket is so hard to approach. I spent an hour digging to try to take it out, and I just can't.

Either my hands are too big (they are big), or there's a trick I don't know. Do you have a tip? Maybe a tool to use?

Thanks in advance.
I managed to get my hands in for one side, just, to replace it. The other side I just wouldn't bend that way. I used a screwdriver to prise out the bulb assembly from the holder. Gently of course as not to damage the plastic, just takes a bit of wiggling and it does come out.

You then should have the bulb and holder out but still attached to the power cables, but there should be enough excess wire to let you get in and change it.
I tried another time, but then just drove to a car electrician and he changed the bulb with some pliers and stuff. It's ridiculous that they made changing a bulb so difficult.. :)