MAF Signal Too High!


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Mar 15, 2013
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Hi guys had an intermittent fault code pop up. It's the third time it's happened now. Only happens when I'm really booting it!

I did some logs a while ago posted up on here and it was flowing a lot of air 202g/s in fact. So is this just a faulty MAF?
car is standard apart from n249 and neuspeed cone.
Sounds like it tbh... 202gs is remap airflow and if your car is std then this is potentially why the code has popped up...

If you haven't changed it recently or don't know when it was last changed then its worth doing anyway... I got through 3 genuine ones in 18 months before now... last one I had lasted nearly two years... contrary to popular belief MAF's fail quite regularly but its less noticeable on a std car so most people are blissfully unaware...

Ill get a new one from TPS I think! The general consensus on the logs was that the MAF is over reading