vcds results, possible boost leak?


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Jul 31, 2012
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so i now own vcds and love it, i just read on hear to check the adaptation mixture in block 32, and also hold the revs at 3000 rpm and the air flow should be 10.00g/s, so off i went and had a look at block 32. it let it run for 5 minuets as i think i accidently reset it, the idle one was showing 0.4% and the other on 0.0% and the same after 10 mins or so. i then tried to hold as best as i could at 3000rpm but the air flow only went to about 9.00 g/s maybe even just below that. my car is a 2003 aum 1.8t a3, 120k miles with no fault codes. how ever when on boost scince i have owned the car you can hear quite a loud ssssssssssssssssss, but like i say no noticeable loss in power however has allways been there and been checked by a couple of people for leaks but none found however never had a smoke test. just information on what to do next really as i want to start modding car but want a healthy engine first. thankyou..
+1 on smoke test

make 100% sure there are no leaks before running logs to get an accurate reading. Then you can log your maf reading, 3rd gear pull, foot flat from 2000rpm to the danger zone :rolleyes: