8p1 Mod Ideas?


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Oct 26, 2011
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I'm starting to wonder how I can improve the look of my 8p1. Any recommendations for simple mods?
Its a 2004, brilliant black 3 door!
Lots of people change the silver surround of the grill to the black one that deffo makes it look different. Lots of threads on here with mods m8 :)
That sounds like an idea! its a sport, any other ideas what I could do?
Get some pics of it up on here, that will help people see what you've got and what would look good!
Better off doing a search on here bud, folk have changed the bumpers, bonnet etc to the newer facelift s line.
I'd say the facelift 7 twin spoke s line wheels or the rotors would do a dramatic change for the better.
You get 4 replica 18" rotors for 399 new.
Depends on how much u want to spend :)
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There are loads of mods/improvements you can make to your car, inside and out, the list is looooooooooooooooooong!

Get some pics up of your car and we can see what you have already and can advise accordingly.
If its 8p1 its tein grill model am i right ?, if so go for s line front bumper and bonet probably find them in same colour on ebay and i know theres tons of rear s line bumpers on there, and a set of wheels and some nice shiny tail pipes if you dont want to spend too much
Personally I always enjoy to see a well modified but still original looking type/model, what I mean is keeping it as a 8p1 but of course with mods.

Do the simple mods such as black grill, dual exhaust, mirrors...
This is mine. Plastidip the grill and add the votex splitter.

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