A3 2.0 Tdi 140 coolant leak?


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Jun 2, 2013
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Recently bought an audi a3 2.0 tdi and by the sounds of things I have been sold a wreck!!
First the turbo and now a possible leak?

i was driving my car home two days ago only to be alarmed by the coolant warming light. I left it till the next morning then on a cold engine i topped up the fluid, I drove the car around all day as I would normally from there on. The next day out of curiosity I checked the coolant level to see it at min? I took it for a drive and it was back up to the correct level, but is this just because of expansion?

I had it pressure tested when I had the turbo looked at and he said he did a 15 minute test with someone keeping the revs up at 2500 rpm for the whole time and it all turned out okay, there is no visible leaks in the lines either. I'm rather worried, especially knowing this bkd engine has the common porous head..

Can anyone suggest things to check or if I need to get the garage to do a longer test?

I would check your radiator ends as this is quite common you probably see a pink fuzzy mess it's quite easy to change if it is the cause header tanks also split if you can't see anything I would pressure test it i assume you have checked under the filler cap after a long run for mayo also you correct your level will rise with temp increase but should always be around the level mark at ambient hope this helps a bit.
Has it had the cambelt & water pump changed yet? It could be the water pump on it's way out.
Arent those tests meant to be taken over night? is it worth getting one of them done?

My cambelt and water pump were both changed at around 92k and im now on 128k.
As Chilout said it could be your rad ends, your belt and pump should be alright after 30k....

Just check all the hoses, it could be a small crack that opens up under pressure.

I had a slow gradual loss of coolant and it ended up being my EGR cooler that was leaking, bunged up my EGR valve and pipe giving me a dash warning light

Thanks guys, still working on this. Next step is to check pipes as suggested and test the egr cooler! Ill get there in the end!!
take your engine cover off and there should be a part number on the head, theres a picture somewere showing exactly were it is, its in like a crevice near some pipes on the top right corner of the engine as your stood infront of
Just had a look and saw a number on the block near the front that ended in an A? What does this mean mate
Tommy, that means your cylinder head is the early revision A, which unfortunately is subject to cracking (and therefore loosing coolant).
Ohh that's not what I want to hear :( haha I just don't understand why all this would start the day after my fans fail? Could the coolant not be boiling and that's the reason it feels so hot in the engine bay after a drive?
Just because it is rev A doesnt mean it will definatly crack. Think of all the early bkd engines used across the vag group...there are thousands, i am pretty sure they would be forced into a recall if they all cracked.

I am not doubting that some people have had issues but i have read about the head cracking amongst all the revisions of the head and to say "because its an A its cracked" is a bit of an over statement imho.
Yeah I suppose so! Ohh well ill soon find out, can't wait for the bill from sorting this and my turbo!
Ohh that's not what I want to hear :( haha I just don't understand why all this would start the day after my fans fail? Could the coolant not be boiling and that's the reason it feels so hot in the engine bay after a drive?

If the fans have failed and caused the engine to overheat, could be cracked head as suggested or other headgasket related issues.

Wait untill it develops further, seems to be the answer i get these days when i have a niggle.
Ahhh okay I see, got any recommendations on where to buy a new head from if I end up needing to buy one?
Darkside Developements break many cars, i think there ebay name is srs automotive, worth asking them to see what they can do. Im not sure how far barnsley is from you, but im sure they would fit and warrenty there work too ;)
Quite far unfortunately but I'll message them. Do you know a rough cost of These heads? Just so I can plan what I need money wise
also if your thinking of keeping car why not get the bottom end rebuilt as well
What does getting the bottom end of the engine rebuilt consist off.. As in what do they change or do? Don't know much about engine etc! And does it cost a lot? Can see my car being off the road for ages at this rate. It all costs too much haha
I had my head replaced and had my bottom end rebuilt doesn't need to be taken out .

total cost including labour was 2k but Im intending to keep car.

the bottom ends are very good on theses engines so was just a thought .
Ouch I can't afford that :-/ I'm currently looking at £550 for a new turbo then the radiator costs. Then whatever this head will cost. It's a nightmare for me :-|
yer bottom ends are strong anyway .

for a new head and labour I would think 1200 ish
Ahh I see cheers, looks like I'll be saving for a while! Cheers for your help
Just a question on the cooling fan subject.. Where is the module located for this, is it integrated into the fan?