how does it go doing a px with private regys?


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Aug 26, 2009
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So I have a guy with an evo who interested in a swap with my car.

Quite like it and think im going for it!

Just wondered though.. hes waiting on the guy he bought the car from to take the private plate off the evo.

Is there anything I should be careful of? Is there any scams that can be pulled from a swap n registration process?

I know if I sign the v5 over before putting it into retention he then becomes the new owner of the reg too, just wondered if I could go down to the DVLA with various necessary documents and swap my plate straight onto the evo while sortin the ownership at the same time?

Just to cut out the waiting for the new v5 to come thru with the origional reg back on my car and stuff..

Any light of the subject please fellow motorists?
Personally I would just wait. Transfer the plate and wait of the V5 to come back. Then transfer ownership. Just did it recently and it came back in a week. Just my 2p but I do believe you can do it both at the same time.
Id rathat wait too, guy seems happy to wait aswell. Thanks for ur advice tho I wasnt sure if I was being a pest and there was a method used for these situations
From what I remember I went down to the DVLA offices to do mine. All they do is check it for you and pop it in the post to Swansea. Waste of time really. The only part of having a private plate that's a pain in the backside. 4 times I have had to wait to get my hands on new cars due to the plate transfer. Dealers often do it got you but charge for it. One wanted 100 quid on top of the DVLA to do the paperwork and make my plates. I just bought the car in the end and had to wait for the V5 to come back in my name. Then I had to send it off again to transfer the plate off my old car to my new car and couldn't sell my old car until I got the V5 back as nobody was going to buy it if I didn't have the V5. All in all stuck with 2 cars for 6 weeks but the owner change took 4 weeks and the plate transfer 1 week so you shouldn't have to wait too long.

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