why do i get wet when using wind screen washers ?


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Jun 16, 2012
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It might be a common thing on a lot of cars I've owned 4 cars and thisis the first iI can't leave the window open when I'm washing the windscreen using the washers I get a wet arm? Design fault or? Simple case of adding wind deflectors ?
Happened on my last two Golfs also, I've learned to live with it now as much as it is annoying
Pee's me off aswel need to build a brick wall on the edge off windscreen pillar to stop it lol
Same problem with every Audi I have owned. I bought Heiki wind deflectors last year for my A3. Problem sorted.
I will probably be getting so deflectors then dont like closing window every time and having to turn AC on for few minutes
I have the same problem when washing the windscreen and adding wind deflectors I still get the free shower just further up the window :)
This happens on mine as well, very annoying.

Also, after a downpour when there's lots of pretty beading on your car, start driving, open your window slightly and you've got your second shower of the day!
The shower in the morning when it's been raining, I do a few rally manoeuvres to shake off the water before I open the window!
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I think this happens to most A3's.......both S3's and my 140TDI did this. It makes it even worse when the rain drips onto the window switch. Heko deflectors do stop it but sometimes they tend to trip off the one touch windows due to the resistance caused by the extra plastic in the window channel.
Think its an issue with modern cars does it on friends mondeo and does it on misses volvo and my works van and previous vans