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19" RS4 wheels and tyres for sale

imported_poshtaxi Jul 2, 2004

  1. With new Continental Sport Contact2. They are RS6 5 spoke design. I would be open to offers to split the wheels and tyres as the tyres are specific to the RS4 due to their width and the wheels will fit several other models inc A4, A6, A8, new A3, new Golf and most merc models. Owned an RS4 for 3 months and bought the wheels and tyres a month before it went back to the dealer (it was a lemon). Just 250 miles road use. Cost £1500 new - will sell for £900. 07786 194689.
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  3. Purchased from Wheelbase in OLdham. Sure don't look like replica's however can't be certain they are especially with the embossed audi centre caps which look very authentic. Won't fit S3 but will fit all above models. Would be willing to sell wheels seperatly as the tyres are very specific to RS4 so anyone with such beast needin some new rubber soon then these are for you.
  4. imported_bigandy

    imported_bigandy Guest

    Will they fit an 1.8 t Q S-line
  5. DaveCav

    DaveCav Registered User

    were abouts are you m8
  6. markneal

    markneal Registered User

    Yes, I would be interested if they are genuine, as I am awaiting price for 4 new ones from my local Audi dealer for new S4 Cab on order - any pictures - seems very inexpensicve for 4 new RS4, been told they are closer to £1000 each!
  7. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Registered User

    They are probabily replica, but don't let that put you off, i had a replica set and they looked better than the ones audi are supplying on new cars!

    Cos it's an onld design audi are dumbing it down, whereas the replicas look like the original,

    anyway what size tyres are on them?

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