19" Gallardo wheels for swops!!


Swaying towards IHI....

Ive got a non biased opinion. I test drove a Re-mapped S3 and wasnt impressed at all. My mum has a lovely R32 Full miltek stage 2 AMD software and it made just over 280 Bhp on Amd's rollers.

IMO the R32 is Faster, Handles better, Looks better and the interior is alot nicer place to be in.

The sound of an R32 With a full miltek is just awesome. They handle really well in standard form too.

Go for the R32 im 99% sure after you drive it you wont want to get back in your S3...
Id Buy one tomorrow if i could get insured on one! Im keeping my A3 till i can get insured sensibly!



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I still cant get over the fact your mum drives an r32!! Big respect!

Yeh im looking forward to the test drive on saturday, so ill see how it goes!!

so she got 280bhp from a map and exhaust?? seems quite alot of power for a NA car??

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I detest the whole Jap scene thingy, can't stand those types of cars and the stigma that's attached to it. Seems very chavvy to me with the OTT dump valves and racing stripes. Also everytime I'm blinded by 12,000k purple xenons in a halogen setup it's guaranteed to be driven by some tosser in a Skyline.

Bit of a tarnished view due to a certain film trilogy IMO!!

Not all jap cars are like that, most like the clean import look, its just that you dont really notice those. I cant wait to get my car sold and get back to a jap car, much more exciting to drive than my audi IMO, mind you ill probably regret it come winter :rolleyes:


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I'm not a fan of the jap scene either but an Evo 7 or over would be nice to own for a while even if it is hellishly expensive to maintain.

The only other jap car i'd look at would be a brand new GT-R, 0-62 in 3.5 secs and looks fantastic.



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I'm not a fan of the jap scene either but an Evo 7 or over would be nice to own for a while even if it is hellishly expensive to maintain

As long as its UK spec, not modified insurance isn't that bad. Servicing is every 6 months but two a year can be done for around £300 in total (specialist) so not much more than one S3 service. The 8 MRs, and 9's have bilstein suspension and ride very well (not crashy like earlier ones). Interiors aren't that bad IMO but the main problem I found was the cars are just too noisy. It drives you mad after a while especially on long journeys! Oh, and 20mpg if cruising, single figures if giving it some. Everyone goes on about clutches but they are OK if the car isn't launched regulary. Great cars but once the novelty wears off, the noise, fuel, image gets on your nerves if its a daily driver.

p.s. GTR is fantastic. Maybe one day...


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My old car:




Nearly 300bhp at the wheels, 12.6 1/4 mile at the pod, and not a lot on the road could touch it, an awesome piece of machinery.

Having said that, the Audi is no where near as quick especially from launch, but with 111k on the Audi it sounds and feels more solid than my Evo with 20k on the clock.


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Thats a nice looking car, I like the number plate


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Very Nice Russboy. Agreed they are fantastic pieces of machinery just not good everyday cars, for all the obvious reasons. I keep fancying one as a second car, but I can't think when I'd ever use it and it would be a waste of money (instead I've bought a Yam R6).

Picture of the one I had below.

Scott - apologies for hijacking your thread and I promise no more talking of jap cars from me!



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Leon and russboy, your more than welcome talking about jap cars as i quite fancy an evo myself!! And your old car russ looks ****** awesome! how dare you sell it for an inferior **** handling audi!! lol.

Leon, you after a dension ice link?


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Leon, you after a dension ice link?

I bought a dension last week but the site (ipodcarkitdirect) told me they had none in stock (after I paid!), so have sent me the DICE kit instead. Getting it fitted on Monday.


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The R32 MUST handle! Don't some of you lot put R32 bit of suspension on your motors?!


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Jap cars are awesome, love those evos.. Scott get a 6, there awesome, my m8 just bought one, has a ralliart ECU and an uprated fuel pump, ferrari 360 couldnt get away.

Always fancied an S15. I will defo own 1 one day.


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hard to find a good pic of a decent one on Google images.. Nissan Silvia S15...
Pic -

Just one of the many Videos - http://youtube.com/watch?v=4SjNgVH_HN0

Just search for the jap guys drifting S15 on youtube, they are simply amazing. Im slightly obsessed with going sideways, and S15 is the ultimate drift car if set up right imo.


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Im slightly obsessed with going sideways, and S15 is the ultimate drift car if set up right imo.

A good obsession I would say! I have yet to own a rear wheel drive car which is **** poor really for a supposed petrol head.


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im sure you'll get round to it one day mate. SJ what u gunna get mayyyyne?


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That s15 looks tough in matt grey!!! i really dont no mate, i may get the s3 lowered and take it from there. Was thinking about running costs etc and the s3 bein an all rounder!! I think thats why im getting board of it as its good all round but dosent excell in any departments!!


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The MK4 R32 was a limited edition, the MK5 R32 is just a regular Golf which can be ordered any time, whereas the MK4 came out in 2003 for a limited time:

Diamond Black Pearl Effect = 755
Reflex Silver Metallic = 615
Deep Blue Pearl Effect = 813
Moonlight Blue Pearl Effect = 57
Tornado Red = 44
Indigo Blue Pearl Effect = 76
Grey Anthracite Pearl Effect = 31

Total = 2391 UK supplied R32's

Sorry, but a 'limited edition' of 2391... :haha:

Shortened production run maybe, but that's only because in true VW fashion they saved the best til last and then replaced the Mk4 with Mk5 soon after.

To be a limited edition it has to be just that - limited to a certain number, usually specified at the start of the production run, otherwise it is just a 'special edition', just like Colour Concept GTi's or Corrado Storm's were.


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we have had this conversation with Golf before..... that model will always be tarnished by the fact that theres simply loads of them about and plenty of bodykits to replicate the R32.....if we are talking performance...i have seen plenty of evidence to suggest its driver skill that gets the R32 in front of a remapped S3.....infact from what i have seen i wouldnt like to call it unless i saw the STIG/Alternative racing driver drive both on 1/4 mile


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Aye men to that Tim!!! They still sound awesome though. hehe.... More relevant to the thread, is any one interested in the gallardos?? lol