19" BBS CK- offset 35 - Tires: 245/40/19

I'm just about to buy a Audi TT 2.0T FSI and i wanted to know what wheels will fit on it. I love the 19" BBS CK's but im confused.com on what offset to get them in. I want the wheels to be parallel with the arches without rubbing but i haven't got a clue how the offset measure works on a TT because i know it's different on every car.

Any replies appreciated.




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et 35 is too low - you should get away with et44 on a 245 tyre


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ET35 should fill the arches nicely on the MK2, it will bring the wheel out flush, if you run a little stretch, like a 225 tyre then you will be spot on.

I'm running ET 15 on the back of my Mk1 225 with 225 wide tyres and there's loads of room, could go another 5mm either side if I wanted..


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sorry, type error, the tyres will be 255/35/19.
i have the original double spoke RS-4 style 19 inch alloys on our 2010 S-line, they are 19 x 9 ET52 with 255/35/19 ZR contis.
They fill the complete arch with the lowered S-line suspension.
the reason i know the ET is that i purchased other alloys and cold weather tyres, but went down to 18x8 ET48 with 245/40/18 tyres.
The 18 inch look good, but the 19 inch look even better.