18x8 ET35 - will they fit?


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Car is standard S-Line suspension. Am worried about ET35 after reading various old posts with conflicting opinions. Not so much about how they will look or "poke", as that's more about personal opinions. But more worried about whether they will rub/fail MOT. The wheels will have standard 225/40/18 tyres.


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I'm running 8x18 et43 and same size tire as you on my S3. Stock suspension. No rubbing.
Pics on my instagram.

In the back I think an et35 will work with almost perfect flush fitment.

It's in the front I think they are gonna poke a bit. My et43s is almost perfectly flush up front.
Et35 will sit 8mm further out.

Take some measurements and use willtheyfit.com to see for yourself.


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18" shouldn't rub i would have thought as 18" fit the S-line but as for the Et best to find the factory spec ET and then work from there ie if its F/ spec ET54 / and your going to put ET35 on mind your 19mm over your standard which will have a far stick out on front n back .