Removing Car Phone and wiring back RNSE, help needed - Pics included


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Jan 15, 2012
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I've wanted to remove the car phone from my car since I've got it but thought it would be to hard to do. If you try to use it, it also mutes music playing from the radio. I recently took out the glove box to replace the blower motor. Whilst I was doing that I saw the box for the car phone for the first time and I thought this is my chance to hopefully get rid of it.

The only thing is that they seem have installed it quite well. They have used an adapter but with all the wires that are about I'm not sure if some of the wires have to be taken out of the adapter and placed back into the original RNSE plug/socket? Also They seem to have wired the blue ignition wire to the back of the fuses located on the drivers side, how can I get to them? Can the bit where you plug in the vcds be removed? I took loads of pics hoping that somebody could advise me further.

This is a pic of the lovely phone..... Not


And the main box where the sim cards goes is below, this was located behind the glove box, tucked in behind the blower motor.
Here's a pdf guide for it. Section 11 tells you what the wires are for from the unit.









Then there is the blue wire that I believe runs to the drivers side fuse box.



Just remove the quadlock adapter cable & nokia car kit & you should be left with the original quadlock from the car, plus the small 12 pin green connector which plugs back into the original quadlock which are the rear signal lines to the amp, then you'll be back to oem wiring.
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Thanks for that NHN I'll try that tomorrow. I'm guessing that I would have to disconnect the blue ignition wire from behind the fuse box as well? (I'm guessing it would cause a problem if left) Would I have to take off the panel under the steering wheel where the vcds plugs in to get to the back of the drivers side fuse box?
Looks like blue cable is bullet crimped behind radio, you could separate these & tape the end up so as to not short on the chassis, although I prefer to remove at the source at such, each to there own.
Thanks, so I can just cut the wire where it's joined to the red bit and tape it up with electrical tape. Would doing that waste any of my battery?

I would prefer to remove it fully but I not sure what to dismantle to get to the back of the fuse box at the driver's side. Do you have to take of the steering wheel surround? Or would it be the part by the pedals where the vcds plugs into.
Yes you can cut it, tape & no it wont drain battery.
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