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Jun 16, 2012
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Well thought id start a project thread since ive got a few plans and done a few already. well start with the old car astra 1.9cdti nice car goes alright but i always wanted a bit more,,,,

and then a toy

then my s3 :p

then this happened last week 19/05/2013

the audi did let me down a bit lol but was slushy as hell and on new tarmac soo i let it off

then modding starting with brakes

and on the car

and thats it for now

Plans are,,,
Revo tuning want to go stage 2+ one day
full non res exhaust
re bush

and what ever comes up along the way :/ enjoy the read
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Nice one! That blue is just amazing. Look forward to seeing more mods posted :)

On another OT note, if im ever a Vauxhall owner ... that's the point in my life I know every inch of my soul has escaped me and im nothing but a beige cardigan wearing husk of a human being who looks forward only to a weak cup of tea at the end of the day.

I'd rather drive a reliant robin, with no seatbelt, on ditch hunters with a bi-turbo V8 stuffed in to its weak shell.

In short, nice1 getting an S3 :)
Plans sound good and I love the colour! That snow is nuts... We're in May!!!?!
Yer that car was alright , wouldn't handle thou span the wheels everytme it rained but the engine was alright. My gf lives in the Welsh hills went to bed was raining like hell then woke up and it was dead quiet outside and that was there.

Tha colour is lovely and very few stone chips and marks on it at all.

Just got to sell the old landrover and should be getting new clutch and exhaust
Hope you enjoy it.

Stg2+ is the best value upgrade you can do on the S3.
Well my view on my disks and pads, very good, same bite as normal pads but when you get in the hard braking they are just awusm, locked all wheels today by mistake, warmer they get the bettter the get very good thumbs up from me, no squeeking in down either :)
Cool car and nice list of mods to look forward to.

Where you live to say it snowed last week?
Midwales in the hills, lol was bit of fun was impressed the the s3 just was too much or the stuff :)