I got the horn problem :)


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Jan 16, 2011
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Just as a heads up for others really, my Cab went in for a service at Audi this week, before it went I scanned it with VCDS Lite as I noticed when the alarm went off the hazards flashed but no sound. Showed up H12 siren short to ground fault.

Interesting to note that when I collect it from Audi they didnt even mention the fact the alarm wasnt working or the fault code. Im rather dissapointed given its a main dealer etc.

Took the siren out today (dead easy on a cab takes 2 mins!), contacts were very corroded which rang alarm bells, cleaned them and put it back in and tested. Nothing.

Cracked it open and found what I wasnt hoping for....so EBay here I come, ****** is I just missed out on one on ebay for £25 litterally 20 mis ago it sold whike I was breaking this one open.l

Yep, they will all turn out looking like that - if not already.
You will also be disappointed when your replacement turns up, the alarms are rubbish - sounds like a microwave beep and is about as loud.
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The siren is on the drivers side rear .. If you lift up your roof compartment with the roof folded and pull back the carpet wall you will see it bolted in there
Nice one, any pics of the siren and its location please. Hearing more of this fault as our cars get that bit older.