Fault Code Help - BKD Engine 2.0 TDI - No Boost.


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May 25, 2008
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Hi guys, my problems regarding my 2.0 tdi leon on a 2006/06 I just thought I would have more luck here..

000275 - Intake Air Temp. Sensor (G45)
P0113 - 000 - Signal Too High - Intermittent

000567 - Manifold Pressure / Boost Pressure (G31)
P0237 - 000 - Signal Too Low.

The car was involved in a accident, front end, but did boost when purchased, part way through the repair, its stopped boosting, revs are restricted, and when drove, very sluggish, no power, no smoke out the back, engines quite etc...

Wiring repair isn't the best from some broken wires to do with the accident, but its all taped up properly from the looks off it, airbox isn't plugged on, but MAF is.

The intercooler pipe (Plastic Boost) which leads from the intercooler to the EGR, was cracked, I replaced this today, with no luck..

Also when a reset of the engine management light is done, the engine tone changes very slightly, and for a spit second it seems like its ready to boost.

Really annoying me now, as everything else is done, and im anxious to drive it for summer, but stupid issues are throwing me backwards!

Any advise?
Ok so today I put a brand new sensor in, part number 038 906 051 C, genuine Bosch part. No difference.

If I unplug the sensor, both faults change to SIGNAL TOO HIGH.

Once plugged in, only the Boost Pressure Fault is present now. I really need help on this, someone out there help me :3sadwalk:
Also when holding the boost pipe going into the egr you can squeeze it, obviously no boost when rev'd, but when I erase the error and rev, you cant hold it, so there is boost for a split second when I fool the ecu, right away its back again.