First Bristol Krispy Kreme Meet of the year :) 2:00pm Sunday April 28th BS2 0SP

Ash B

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Jul 19, 2008
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Cardiff South Wales
First BKKM of the year and should be a good one:happy: Sunday 28th April BS2 0SP

Locations - Bristol Krispy Kreme at Avon Meads Business park, BS2 0SP

The meet is open to all cars, VAG or non-VAG (If you cause a scene like the idiot at the last meet did with 6 exhausts, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE & EVERY ONE WILL POINT & LAUGH AT YOU :happy: )

Here the link Bristol Krispy Kreme meet Sunday APRIL 28th @ 2PM - Local Meets - Edition 38 Forums

I'll be at Cardiff Audi for 12:15 and be leaving for 12:40. As this met gets pretty packed.

So far i have about 10 local lads coming and would like to see more Audi Sport Net members there :)

Any questions please feel free to ask, if you want my mobile number to meet me on the day just pm me:thumbsup: