Will this fit my a3?

Does look like it will. Being a mk 4 platform I would like to think so
Fronts will rears wont, the S3 uses a bolt top and bottom of the rear shock, the ones in the link use a nut at the top
Looks like they`ll fit yes. Thats a fwd setup like yours so should be fine.
Did you buy these as they seem to have finished early on eBay?
no i didnt, i also noticed this however i asked him a question and with his reply gave me a bit of a feeling in my gut that he has driven the s##t out of them so rather spend extra 20 for JOM's but like a say just a gut feeling
Have a look at prosport coilies from coilovers direct, £199 new, just fitted a set to my A3, pretty stiff and they go LOW, cant adjust damping, but hey they're 199 !! Go Kart handling!!
cheers for the shout, probably gonna go JOM's as there £170 and heard good things for the money

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