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Hi does anyone know the settings (in Vagcom) to change the sensitivity of the auto lights ?
Noticed mine where on this morning when I really dont think they where needed !

Also how long does it take for them to adjust - ie get it out of garage and it seems to tune them on and then take an age for them to go off - is this time changeable as well ?

You'd need to login to module 09, ten coding, drop down box to select rechentungsensor or the like, then go into coding for that module, which may have percentages you can set, its all dependent on the chassis & sensor fitted, have a looksy.
Thanks for the quick reply,Not noticed that option before - i can see options for them to come on earlier (threshold earlier), don't want this, want to decrease the sensitivity. On byte 1 there the light sensor correction which is set to 73% (mine a TT 8J), if I alter this setting (for different models), do I want to try a higher or lower percentage - brain just cant seem to work it out ?