Run Flat Tyres?


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Aug 21, 2012
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I need to replace all four tyres which are 225 40 18 but am unsure if i can fit run flat tyres on them as i was told you need tyre pressure sensors fitted? my car is also a quattro and im getting part worn tyres will this affect handling in any way?
Tbh i,ve never liked runflats and i,ve seen a few bad examples of the tyre spitting from the side walls ,why not just get a set of really top tyres and have a spare in the boot ...
I think there was a lot of BMW alloys cracking when they decided to fit run flats as a standard option. Although I'm not 100% sure that was the whole reason behind it.
I,ve seen a few on different cars ,my boss get about a year out of falken runflats before they go ...but then again it is a brabus...
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Stupidly hard ride according to most people. Also I have had one puncture in over 20 years of motoring so they are pretty pointless IMHO
Suspension not set up for ROF's.. Plus your insurance will have to be informed as these are not manufacturer spec.
Had ROF's on my Mini, but I still carried a space saver wheel. They worked okay, but like any tyre if, it has a blow out, tyre will not be able to drive on. Stick to normal tyres and carry a spare...
You shouldn't fit run-flat tyres to a wheel rim not designed for them. The rim on a run-flat wheel has an EH+ (extended hump) profile and a normal wheel rim uses an H profile. A non run-flat tyres bead will fit onto a run-flat wheel rim but the other way around bead wont seat correctly and although it may hold pressure it definitely couldn't be used with low pressure like a run-flat is designed to.

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