Pre facelift S3 internals into post facelift A3 headlight.


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Mar 25, 2010
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Killarney, Ireland
I have a pre facelift S3 and I have been recently been given offered a set of facelift A3 headlights for the car. As mine has the standard xenon's I was hoping to split open the two sets of light and swap over the internals. Has anyone here done this?

Despite the headlight and dipped beams being in opposite positions my primary concern is the A3 projector unit appears to be bigger than the S3 xenon unit. Both sets of lights are Hella units.

Before I get suggestions of just putting hid's into the facelift A3 lights, I'd rather keep the xenon's - hence the reason I'm trying to swap them over.
You can, but it's abit of work because the mouldings are different. I was gonna do this but the reason I didn't us because the oem ballasts are crap. I went for a 55w hid kit because the output of light is much better! Our xenons are pathetic but if you want to keep them, then split the headlights and change over the bulb holders
Where is the thread which has a step by step guide on facelift headlight unit installation?..