Road Rage advice needed... to report or keep shtum?



It's all on CCTV. Won't go into details. Long story short, drug driver and my broken driver mirror. It was like a happy slap. He just got out in the middle of no where and ripped my mirror off. I did not cut this driver or upset him or anything... so have the CCTV footage and was thinking about self-reporting to Police Station.

Would this leave me vulnerable? Would it even go to court? I wouldn't want to see his mug again. May be he will go off and upset another driver somewhere else. Not sure what to do as do not want to go to court. Or would the police just let it go and fail to investigate it?

Do not hesitate and report to the police, if this is unprovoked then this guy is a danger to other people.

Do you have his reg number etc?

Don't delay call the police and don't let him get away with it
The council said all details are on CCTV footage. Registrations, the event that transpired and I was hoping that he would go and upset someone else and they went psycho on him. I called 101 and reported it and got a CAD number but they said that I still need to go to the local station and fill in a self-report.

I just want to stay safe that's all. Things change when you become a family man and you love them to bits. So don't want my family to become vulnerable. Will wait for more responses or if anyone is a police man/knows one on here. My priority is my safety at the moment. If that is all good then I won't hold back in giving the police the cctv footage number.

I'd report, he won't have your address.

If it goes to court, I doubt very much that you would be called to give evidence due to the CCTV footage.
Hi G. Lets just say this is my area of expertise...
You need to report it and have it investigated. Its criminal damage. If you don't whose to say he won't do it to someone else.
I know I'd be gutted if someone did that to my car as would most on here. Even more so if I found out that he had done it before and nothing was done about it.
I don't know the exact circumstances but it seems pretty straight forward. Damage is caused (offence) Its caught on cctv (pretty conclusive evidence) The offender is seen to do it and he car reg is on it which will identify him.
The next stage will be for the investigating officer to locate him and ask him questions. This will be in an interview. He won't necessarily be arrested as there is new legislation which means that he can be voluntarily interviewed if he co-operates. You will need to provide a 'losers statement' this will include the event in chronological order. The investigating officer does this and helps you remember the details. It may be a good idea to get a valuation receipt for the damage. If it does go to court then the Police can apply for compensation to cover it.
I understand that you're not to keen on that route but rest assured he will never be told your address, only your name.
So.... there are other options.
1. If eligable (ie he hasn't got a criminal record) he could be given a caution if he admits the offence - caution for criminal damage. goes on your criminal record.
2. He could be issued a fixed penalty notice. £80 but again he has to admit the offence. -No criminal record. £80 doesn't go to you.
3. Depending on where you live and what Police force covers you there is such a thing called a restoritive justice or restoritive resolution. The hint in the name this is a resolution which is victim led. So you could say to the officer that you would like that option and the resolution you would like is that the offender pays for the damage and writes a letter of appology. If this is completed (monitored by the officer and given a time scale to complete) then there is no further action and you get an apology and your damage set right. If he fails to comply then he either gets charged or reported (charged following arrest, reported following a voluntary interview. Same outcome... court)
I really wouldn't worry about court. Like mentioned before victims and witnesses are only called if needed and if its all on CCTV then there shouldn't be any need.
Oh and if there wasn't any lasting damage then its either a section 4 or section 5 public order offence and can be dealt with in the same way as above (caution, £80 fine etc... still applicable)
I hope that helps and if you need anything else let me know. Good luck.
Scum like this 'think' their intimidation will stop Joe public from standing up to them. As in life, do what you believe will give you the best outcome. As zerocool say's, he may get to know your name and nothing else if you report him, unless for some reason he already knows you.
I have family, a nice easy life but would ALWAYS react/respond/ report anything like this as I strongly believe the offender will 1) do it again without a 2nd thought. 2) the offender will take it to another level the longer he is allowed to get away with it. 3) The police will deal with him, probably already known to them. After all the law's are there for OUR protection, protection you and I are already paying for via taxation.
I'm all for retribution whether that be via the legal route or my own personal response, either way buddy, DON'T let him get away with it.
Thank you all for your replies and mad props to _Zerocool_ for the thorough information.
I'm going to get a valuation from Audi now and then I am off to the Police Station to fill in the report form.
If he is a local druggy, find your local dealer and tip him off that this particular person is a grass and is trying to set him up.

Can work wonders sometimes :whistle2:
Good move bud. You'll feel better for it in the long run. Good luck with it all, keep us posted on the outcome.
Good luck I hope it goes well for you, there is to much of this type of thing being done by brainless morons.
If he is a local druggy, find your local dealer and tip him off that this particular person is a grass and is trying to set him up.

Can work wonders sometimes :whistle2:

Yeah go P1ss in his crack-pipe!

But seriously though, do whatever you feel to protect your familiar. Have you seen him before? If he's local he may be a problem.
how do you know he was a druggie ?
I would report it. In my experience people don't tend to 'go after' people who have reported them. If they do they usually know them or it's a bit more involved than a normal incident. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but it wouldn't put me off reporting someone. And anyway as Zerocool has said they won't get your address. If the evidence against him is good and he admits it in interview or indeed later pleads guilty at court you won't have to attend and see this idiot again anyway. Hope it all works out for you and he gets what he deserves.
I took some photos and reported to the police some scrotes who were trying to steal from bicycle sheds near our home. They were charged and I was named as witness. The night after they were in court, my car got vandalised. Just a co-incidence said the police. It cost me £700 excess and increased insurance premiums for next 5 years.

It was a major inconvenience for me to attend court. I asked to be excused and was told if I failed to attend a warrant could be issued for my arrest!

Never again will I put myself and my family at risk, by making a statement / giving evidence where me and mine are not directly involved.
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missile, that really is unlucky but people who turn a blind eye are putting themselves in the same league as the criminals out there imo. Sorry to hear the damage caused may have been in conjunction with your reporting but if somebody had seen the idiots who did your car and then reported it to the police, you'd be chuffed would you not?? In my eyes, report it or fight fire with fire but never let them get away with it.
I used to think like you and have given witness statements in the past. However when you have a bad experience, it can change your point of view.

In this shocking case a witness was assaulted by a gang of eight in her own home. Only the ring leader was sentenced to 6 months in prison. >

I understand you completely buddy. Just read that story, they picked on a vunerable individual there, the sentences were laughable to. I suppose i'm being rather brash with the fight fire with fire attitude but I know in real life, it's not as cut n dried as that. Unfortunately, it's the society we live in nowadays with no signs of it improving.
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It is a shame that we have become disillusioned with reporting crime.Im not surprised though.If it was reported, and he was put before a court only if he pleads not guilty would you have to attend.He will not have access to your address.When making a statement, you will notice that your address details are on the reverse side...the defence are only given a copy of the front.Any form of non court compensation ( the restoritive option) will be mediated by the officer in charge.But I bet my left teticle that this sshhiitt has done it before.
Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted. I do not get why you think the guy will intimidate you, unless you know him?
Maybe speak to the police and let them know you are not interested in pressing charges but want it at least flagged up so that they are aware of it, not sure if that works but if they can at the very least speak to the bloke and let him know he has been clocked, or if he is reported again, it will show it is not a one off and they should take a closer look at him.
Update... nothing can be done for sure. The police protocols in our locality have changed when it comes to these things. There used to be a time when forms could be filled in and then the police would either write to the person and say: "Were you driving? Was this you?" and take it from there. However, the information has been passed on to Central Intelligence Unit... who will attempt to view the CCTV footage log number I have provided. From there on they are most likely to log it and let it go unless the driver has committed a previous offence. I don't know the ins and outs of this or why they have restructured in such a way.. may be it is cut backs? So there is no guarantee if they will find this pathetic excuse for a man is what they said in short... no hope to offer. Just a thank you for letting us know and we will see what we can do but we doubt we can do much. I guess this is all down to lack of funding in particular forces... or may be it is on the whole. They are so tied up with paperwork and spend more time behind the desk than they do on the beat and they are short staffed on top of that. I hope the government see right and sort this out. It's a shame because they said that this year alone so far they have seen the highest number of road rage incidents and it has been on the increase since the early 2000's in our area but this year has been a sharp increase and no one knows why.

One good call though... they commended me for not getting out of my car and they recommend that you never get out of your car because it could be disputed on CCTV that you instigated an argument etc. So I am glad I sat there with my windows up, took it in before I could drive off.
I am pretty sure that there is still a form that can be filled in and sent to the registered owner of a vehicle asking them to nominate who was driving at the time of an offence. This is not the same as the NIP (notice of intended prosecution) that can only be sent out for certain offences such as speeding and has to be served within 2 weeks although it is part of the same form. I'm sure the department that investigate it will still be able to do this. Failing that there is nothing to stop the police going to the owners address and seeing if he matches the chap on CCTV. So hopefully all is not lost.
G, As Andy has said the Police need to go to the registered keepers address (from the registration) view the footage and if they both look the same then theres your man. No forms would be sent. No idea why thats been mentioned??

Being told 'we won't be able to do much' isn't really on. They should try. If the above is a dead end then fair enough. We... Ahem...I mean the Police have a duty to investigate crime. The basics of Policing is to save life AND property...
I'm going to find a solictor I think... there is good CCTV footage in which the perp is identified. You are right, it is unacceptable. I'm not doing this for myself as much as I am for other road users. We need less people like this on our roads, fact. Will update accordingly.
I cant believe you just sat in your car and did nothing while someone ripped your wing mirror off. Thats embarrasing. Is your avatar picture a joke by the way or do you actually like that horrible ****.ing thing?
I cant believe you just sat in your car and did nothing while someone ripped your wing mirror off. Thats embarrasing. Is your avatar picture a joke by the way or do you actually like that horrible ****.ing thing?

Really helpful 1st post on this site sir.
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I'm going to find a solictor I think... there is good CCTV footage in which the perp is identified. You are right, it is unacceptable. I'm not doing this for myself as much as I am for other road users. We need less people like this on our roads, fact. Will update accordingly.
we need more people like you, these thugs get away with their behaviour far too often which just perpetuates what they do. Well done for staying in your car, that can't have been easy in itself but was absolutely the right thing to do. You never know how far these idiots will go and better your care take the brunt than you.

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