Air Suspension, intermittant gushing noise from front drivers side of car

Steven Hooper

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Apr 2, 2013
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I have an Allroad C6 which a couple of months ago had its pump blow due to a faulty relay.
Audi replace the pump, fitted a modified relay and replaced a rear air spring which resolved the original fault and the suspension works perfectly with no fault codes or warning lights.
I was however getting an intermittent gush of air at the front drivers side.
The pump and relay were then replaced a second time with no improvement
After considerable investigation the Audi tech I decided that the valve control unit (which has in it a pressure sensor which monitors pressure in all air springs and air tank) must be faulty and telling the pump that the tank was not full when it was causing a build up of pressure and tripping a pressure release valve connected to the valve control which from what I understand is designed to trigger when there is too much pressure in the system.
The valve control unit was replaced today and still the problem persists.
We have now replaced from what I can see all of the components involved with charging and monitoring pressure in the system and don't know what to do next.
Can any other Allroad owners out there tell me if they have heard their cars give a gushing noise, if so how often?
Is there anyone out there who may have any suggestions about things we could have missed
I REALLY need your help