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Nov 18, 2010
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Hello all.

So I am following in the foot steps of some of the big boys on here, why not? They have some epic motors and have tried and tested everything between them.

Over all im looking for any and all help and constructive criticism. Iv got an idea but putting into practice will be another thing. Ill be contributing all my progress onto this thread and will ask questions from here and ill duplicate this to the 8l section. As iv said all critique welcome, this is the 1st track orientated car ill be building and ill be learning alot as i go along, so i appreciate the feed back on how im going about things.

Iv also got a long shopping list so anyone selling or know some one thats selling the items I need please just send me a pm with details.

My general gist and plan is to make a track focused weekend toy. Stripped out 2 seater with full roll cage, handeling and stopping upgrades, then itl be on to the engine performance.

My 1st job will be to buy an A3 1.8t, im looking at a salvege a3, its a cat d and currently sitting at £250 on a salvage site I use, with 5 days to go.

No real damadge, so im not botherd and will be leaving the scuff and the dent in the back for a while. Thats if i win it, not fussed if i dont because theres a million cheap a3s and leons out there, but im looking to buy soon with the money burning a hole in my poket.

Once a car is bought itl be
-quick rack setup
- going to go all out and do the hubs wishbone ect from an lcr
-Then poly busch everything, wishbone, Arb, dog leg mount and do abit of tiger sealing
- engine brace
-A decent coil over setup
-some light weight rims and rubber.
Id say the setup is ready to go?

Then ill move on to stopping, im not 100% on what ill do, i suppose because of the lcr hubs i could try my luck with the brembos from the lcr, but i could do with some help with other setups. And ill just put s3 rear calipres and disks on the back. But any other suggestions would be great.

And last but not least POWER. Well id love to say its going to have 450+ ponys but thats not likely to happen.

Im unsure about wmi so if a nice consistant 270bhp can be achieve without then im happy. May go hybrid but iv seen that the beachbuggy actuator and the new Tiv remapping Bill and Niki are wringing that bit more out of the ko3s so will probly just bung one of them on with the usual supporting mods, down pipe, de cat, fmic and tip.

Ill also upgrade the clutch to the g60/vr6 smf clutch to handle a nice custom map from R-tech. And thatl be the end of the engine mods for the mean time whilst i learn to control 250+bhp on the track :D

Thanks for reading and hopefully i can get this project up and running asap, im giving up smoking and my brother is going half on everything with me so with the money ill be saving plus the extra ontop I should have a safe reliable machine thats ready to bash some s3s in the very near future ;) So as said let me know if iv missed anything.

Thanks again Ad.
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Hello all. I joke theres no one here lol but this is a good way for me to put some steel in my spine and have a basis to refer to, so i shall be rambling away to myself :D

So abit of an update. And general hoo ha and a list of things iv decided on.

So I went to see a few a3s over the last week, went and made an offer on one and drove away from one on sight (i wont go into detail why but i had my reasons) and the one on the salvage site was removed from the auction for some un known reason, so here i am still audi less.

But its gave me a chance to weigh up what i really want to achieve from this build. And iv decided on my max budget to get an a3 up to safe standars for track use.

That budget is £3k including the car, obviously it costs what it cost at the end of the day but this is what im aiming for.

Iv spoke to a guy on here about his old turbo, now iv decided on what im doing performance wise im going to make him an offer then get it hybrid spec by bb to ensure that it will reach 250+bhp without wmi.

Im really not bothered that it wont be 300+bhp, ill be happy and can keep the standard rods and be at peace that its not a ticking time bomb, either waiting for the wmi to fail or run out and i blow the engine, or the rods fail and i blow the engine.

All the handling and stopping upgrades are staying the same, as im confident that its the right way to go, with a good geo setup.

So there it is, hopefully i have a car to stick in the garage soon.
Iv bought a car :), not an audi a3 :( but a seat leon cupra, iv paid the deposit and pick it up on thursday.

It shall be the mrs car untill we find her a mini cooper for the right money, the mods will start asap.

Pics to follow very soon for those intrested, sorry to dissapoint by not buying an a3 but the leon was a steal.

this is the pic in the ad.
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Nice mate, can't wait to see the A3 once it's done. I wouldn't bother going for 250+ with it, especially if you're throwing money at the chassis and lightening it.

The Leon looks decent too, lucky lady your Mrs. She'll miss the power if you trade it in for a Mini.
Nice mate, can't wait to see the A3 once it's done. I wouldn't bother going for 250+ with it, especially if you're throwing money at the chassis and lightening it.

The Leon looks decent too, lucky lady your Mrs. She'll miss the power if you trade it in for a Mini.

Ah well my plan has changed, the mrs needs a car asap so she will drive this for a few months then the leon will become the track car.

Thanks for taking an intrest tho, its baron in here lol.

I thought 250bhp would be tame lol and it was the last thing on my list but now i shall do it the other way round for the time being, do the jobs that only take a weekend to do so it can be on road for the mrs, then take it off the road for the full strip down and safety modifications, ready for track days ect.
Ah sorry my mistake. I still think if you empty the Leon then you don't need to go absolutely ape on pushing the turbo to its limits. If it's a K03S then 225-230 is achievable fairly easy but Jardo has 245bhp from his. If you knock 100-150kgs out of it then it'll be an animal.
Yeh the power isnt a definate, just a pie in the sky figure if i go hybrid. going to have a think about what to do next now lol :think:
So im thinking about coil overs, there are 2 cheap options to go for :) ImageUploadedByTapatalk1366233438312715ImageUploadedByTapatalk1366233448326573
Anyone disagree or forever hold your peace ;)
Herro evryone, i mean hi judderman lol

So the leon has dissapointed me if im totaly honest, on the test drive i didnt give it the full tin of beans so have missed a split pipe that was shoddily bodged :( was fine boosting on the short drive i had, but now iv had it for the afternoon iv un earthed this ImageUploadedByTapatalk1366318367920563

I gave it some on the duel carraige way then noticed a sudden drop in performance whilst on boost, pulled over with the engine running and heard it ******* out of that plastic pipe, it was not as bad as that but i got abit angry when taking taking the pic, that had super glued then put some bog roll round it??? ****** monkeys is all i thought.

But thats life i suppose, a 12year old car will inevitably have perished pipes and i traded in a right dog on px for the car that was cheap anyway. So im not grumbling, ill do the pcv delete tomorrow, and its booked in for a straight through custom exhaust system courtesy of my brother, so pics of that to follow.

Oh and just checking that its ok for me to carry on this thread even tho its a leon and not an a3 as i had hoped?
Wow, superglue and bog roll....speaking of 12/13 year old cars all of my bushes are screwed so yeah it's time to change a few perishables but not with superglue LOL.

What are the benefits of a PCV delete? I got rid of the N249 but everything I change seems to unearth other problems. For example, new radiator killed the thermostat. N249 delete/TIP killed the MAF. Spark plugs killed a coil pack.

Can't wait to see pics of the exhaust :)
Hi dude, yeh bad times.

Iv had a read up about the n112 simplify and thats what i have to do, I will do the n249 aswell just for the sake of it, but i need a catch can, hopefully i can pick one up today as im on annual leave.

The pcv simplified just helps to remove the old perished pipes that are prone to splitting.

And hopefully ill have the exhaust done today :)
Bit of an update on the exhaust, booked in for tomorrow all being well, as the guy is moving his shop from one unit to another so may not have power ect to do it, but monday failing that.

Im going for just one centre box :) and a oe look twin tail pipe straight through from the manifold cat. The guy said it wont be stupid loud and wont flag up on track noise regs either so all good.

And i went to tps and replaced the oe perished pipes, i will do the simplify when i get the catch can. Drives bang on now, pulls really well also, so im happy for now, it may of been remapped but iv been driving a derv and the mrs 1.4 merc a class so cant really tell, ill check the g/s when i can get hold of a vcds.
No exhaust fitted today sadley, its my birthday sunday so im now going out to eat chinese food and get a wee bit intoxicated. Exhaust will be done monday.
this not got 300 bhp yet... yawn! your taking your time aren't you?

Nah sadley not, custom exhaust system tomorrow tho :) and itl start coming in thick and fast soon dude, been spending all my money on the house, so its the cars turn soon.
Pics?!? :)

Happy belated birthday. At least your thread has another viewer now LOL hahaha

No pics yet because it didnt happen :( its officialy booked for saturday now, just had so much on, had carpets nd flooring done yesterday and my kitchen was deliverd so i just cancelled the exhaust as i would be rushing around.

And yeh scroatsey loves to pop up from time to time, his a bum bandit ;)
Zauhst is being done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1367053578819362 and the enderneath of the engine is spotless, even looks like its had a new turbo.
Finished product

Been out driving most of the day and got it cleaned, lovely note and not loud and booming.

Can I join this exclusive thread?
If so exhaust looks good, the first of many mods. Looking forward to the full story
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Ha I wouldnt confuse this thread as exclusive lol everyones welcome, just not much love around here for a seat I suppose lol.

Heres some pics of the turbo from underneath.


This is my 6th 1.8t and the only one to of been bone dry on 1st inspection, iv always had to have the oil feed pipe replaced.

I think the next step is coil overs, just not 100% on what to do here, im thinking cheap ebay ones, iv just been told to kevlar spray them and they should be sound for 2-3 years.

But ill be putting an induction kit of some sort this week, again not sure of brand yet but will update with pics.
Some good progress cam, car is looking good. I will pop by for an update read later on in the week. Keep up the good work. :) x
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Exhaust looks good. Is the oil feed pipe a pain in the **** to change? Think mine is leaking now that you've shown the pic and said that a leak is a common problem.

Jardo and others reckon those £160 JOM coilovers are completely fine for road cars. There are other ones that are in a similar price bracket (for an A3 anyway, probs the same for a Leon). If I hadn't bought new Sachs (oil) dampers at Xmas for £200!! I would have got those JOMs. Kevlar spray sounds like a plan, good idea. My mate would just say Hammerite them LOL it's his answer for everything.
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Yeh judderman the oil feed is very common, even the guys at the shop said that theyv never seen one that hadnt perished. Iv never replaced it myself, always had the garage do it, someone competant with the tools could do it in a couple of hours, i think its just a pain to get to.

Im going to do abit of research on the coilovers, just dont see the point in buying exspensive brands that fail after a few years like the cheap ones do. Atleats its only £150-180 to replace the lot unlike £700+ for koni and the like.

Thanks sandra, progress is abit limited at the moment as im waiting to take it off the road for the full strip down, 12months and it should be a finished article, he says lol.
I'm liking the look of this project, will be good to see how it progresses. AP Coilovers are very good, even though they are about £400 well worth the extra cash!
Thanks jaye, as iv said said the real progress will happen when its off the road. And as for the AP coilovers iv also heard good things, and i think £400 is a good price all considering.

My biggest problem has been deciding on what to go for so if anyone wants to point my ramblings straight please do so.

I need an induction kit but im leaning towards drilling and smoothing the box and putting an aftermarket panel filter, again what one to go for, pipercross and k&n are the most common used, iv had the pipercross and it did its job, so i may try the k&n for the sake of it. But then i think why bother when ill need an open cone to benifit from a remap, or will I? You hear so much bs that its hard to make a definative decision lol

Also overall iv had a re think on how im going to tackle the project, ideally i want to do all the work myself, but i got a quote of £120 to just fit coilovers, and the guy said another £50 to remove my steering rack and replace with the lcr steering rack, i know of a few lcrs being broke so iv enquired as to how much the rack, wishbones and hubs will cost, im buying 2nd hand so there are obvious risks, that im willing to take :)

So as that will be my biggest task i think ill just get the mechanic to do the lot, £170 isnt alot in labour for all that so itl save me a job and i can have it back the same day.

One thing for sure is that ill be fitting the fmic myself, but then what fmic do I buy? lol

I need to make a list lol.
Minor update.

Basically done JS. I bought a pipercross panel filter and im going to mod the box, this is really just a tinkering exercise to see how it sounds, and will sell the modded box when i go for open cone for the remap.

Apart from that just alot of thinking and research. Im in no mad rush so want to do it once and do it right.
Another minor post.

Fitted the filter, its driving better but only because the one in was dead, will do the modded box when im back from my jollies.

Also my exhaust is now popping on occasion and my thermostate is up and down like a slappers nickers. Im thinkg wrong fuelling due to stat causing the pop, im not fussed if it stays as i quite like it :) stat and sensor to be replaced the weekend.
Just come back from a 350mile round trip from great yarmouth, car didnt miss a beat, and I taught a 330ci a lesson :) also fuel consuption was ace, just used a tank of fuel there and back.

Hello to my avid readers pmsl. So progress has been slow, not had much funds and other life sorrows lol.

Problem is that the car has been over heating :( its not fully over heated, just gone upto the 100-105, but when I let off it settles back down to 90.

I know the cause, this heat wave and a dying water pump. So a water pump and a timing belt is to be done in the next day or so.

Im probably going to get my parts from the cheapest supplier like gsf, ec or car spares unless anyone has a better suggestion?

Asoon as funds become available Im buying all new pcv system hoses, doing the n249 valve bypass and catch can aswell as the decat and down pipe oh and a new dog bone engine mount as I noticed the engine rock a slight bit.

And thats about it.
Late update.

Well alot has been on for the last few weeks so the car has had no real progress.

My water pump was failing so I had that replaced along with a timing belt kit including dampers, its a weight off my mind that it has been done. £120 for all parts including new coolant and £80 to fit, so cant grumble really.

Currently saving for the fmic and a friend of mine is going to fabricate the pipeing for it, its all about the flow :)

Was thinking welly cooler but that will probably be over kill for the pekka ko3s so a mid sized toyo or the like will be purchased when funds become available.

I will not update till some real mods have been done. Heres a parting pic that I took after my local £3 car wash lads had done their magic, lets hope she a way lot lower and a **** load faster by the time i next update .ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374357430957000