problems adapting a new key with VCDS on 8P


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Sep 14, 2012
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Grimsby, Lincolnshire
I've got the full VCDS v11 and have followed the guide on rosstech for adapting a new fob (buttons only, not immobiliser).



[46 - Cent. Conv.]
[Adaptation - 10]

Enter channel "01"


This will display the number of currently stored remotes in "Stored Value".
VCDS indicates that 1 fob is currently matched to the car

Enter your total number of keys up to a maximum of 4(including any existing keys) in "New Value"
I enter '2'

seems to hang here?
Verify that the number in "Test Value" is correct.

test value never updates to '2'

save button is greyed out, as I presume the test hasnt succeeded .

Then press and hold (for at least one second) the UNLOCK button on the fob

Does anyone have any suggestions?
ok thanks, not sure what happened but the second fob just started working! I logged into VCDS again and it says 2 keys are paired.

Just need to code in a new immobiliser chip now... I've got as far as getting the SKC with commander, and successfully logging into the Immobiliser [25] Security Access with the pin.
I'm having this exact issue too. Car came with 2 keys and the spare works in the door and starts the car etc, but the remote doesn't function.

VCDS shows 1 key learned and I can't update the value to 2. Scared to erase keys in case any problems occur while programming and I'm stuck with no remotes!

Can someone 100% confirm that I have to erase the keys first, and if so, how do I do this?

2005 A3 8P 3d 2.0 FSI

Thanks in advance :)
You have no choice but to erase & add both keys.
Thanks NHN. I did do it in the end. Car blinked to acknowledge both keys but key 2 still doesn't work. Very odd. Think I need to get a new remote on fleabay
I'm having the same problem - a good friend of mine who works with vags says at times, they just die
Like everything I suppose!

Odd how the car recognises it when learning though!