A4 Avant Rear heater controls


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Mar 16, 2013
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Hi Guys, Have just purchased a nearly new A4 Avant 2012, 2.0 TDI 143 SE. I wondered if anyone could advise me if the rear seat heater controls/blowers should actually work ? when I set the controls in the rear to max heat/speed, nothing appears to happen. I haven't had chance to ask the dealer as yet so any advise would help prior to a visit this Wednesday. Thanks in advance.
Has anyone actually been sitting on the rear bench when you do this?
Ah ok cause rear seat heaters wont work unless someone's sitting in them & knowing audi, they probably linked occupation sensor to the blowers as well, someone else with B8 can confirm this.
Don't think that's the case tbh... our rear vents only work when you manually select the dash vents. In this cold weather the auto setting doesn't often put air through the dash vents so the rears don't do that much.

will probably be more effective once the weather arms up and the air con is needed as the auto setting seems to cool the cabin down through the vents rather than footwell and dash outlets.
Thanks for the advice guys, for the benefit of all I will report back after my visit to the dealer later today.
Hi, you were correct dubdemand, the mid facing dash vents need to be active for the rear heating/cooling to work effectively. Many thanks for the time spent replying guys. :salute:
But has anyone experience of the temperature dial actually doing anything though? It makes no difference in my car. And never known it work in anyone else's