Non turbo FSI crankshaft good for stroker build?


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Feb 9, 2012
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As above I was wondering if a n/a 2.0 FSI crankshaft would be suitable. All the info on stoker builds are referring to TFSI cranks. Not sure if there is a difference between FSI and TFSI crankshafts. The crank I have found doesn't look the same as the TFSI I had before. It's looks more like the 2.0 8v crank used in the mk4 engines, so I am assuming its cast.
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Mines cast and its still mint, the yanks are running cast cranks with a hell of a lot more power than me. I will get the engine codes of cranks you can run for a stroker .
Thanks Andrew,
I see the Yanks go on about the AEG crank! Do you know what is so special about that crank. As far as I can see all 2.0 8v and 2.0 fsi cranks should be a drop in crank for a 2.0 stroker, excluding the oil pump drive gear on fsi crank.