Spring Performance Car Action Day @castle combe


Mar 2, 2012
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Do any of you guys attend this show at all? I'll be there with the club I'm part of but would be good to see a few audis there to look around :)
Im there aswell, What clubs you all heading there with?
The misses lol only just heard about the event through infinity exhausts today and it's only.down the road from me what you driving down?
I'll be there hidden on a Vauxhall stand. With friends from years ago when I had a vxr. Probably be the only audi amongst vauxhalls. Be good if audi sport net attended as castle Combe is always a good day.
I got a S3 Revo Stage 2+. What you guys driving?
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Be interesting to see I'll be down in my s4 keep an eye out for the audis then
Yeah my stand is K11 right near quarry corner and on the track. u?
I'm near the trader's D46/47 along the boundary hedge along the road you come off to come in. I'll be heading up to quarry to watch at some point.
how did you find the show? I thought it was ok but shame it rained so much?
It was good. The weather was putting people off as club stands were loosing cars around 1-2pm. Track action was good. Spent most of it up by camp corner. Was yours the black s3 next to the s5 cab? If so very clean car mate.

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