And so it starts, and i was thinking of moving it on.


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Oct 24, 2012
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Well just got the alloys refurbished yest by Alloy Wheel Refurbishment | Refurbish Alloy Wheels | Refurbish Wheels | Alloywheel Repair | Refurbished Alloy Wheels in Cumbernauld, i did fancy new alloys but since i have pretty good thread on the current tyres the cost just didn't seem worth it. And i would clearly want to go bigger 18" or maybe 19"

So changed them from this.

Photo 3
to this
IMG 0938

tempted to get dark wing mirrors as well, for the drivers side wing mirror electric mechanism is broke.

think i have opened a can of worms tho, for tempted to get upgraded suspension and lower it a bit... slippery slope eigh.
Looks good. I prefer anthracite/titanium on silver cars but I do like that. My neighbour has an S3 and has just vinyl-wrapped the roof and wing mirrors in really dark grey to match the wheels. Looks wicked.

Definitely a slippery slope. I've put a ban on buying stuff for mine until I've paid for my wedding. Turns out car things and wedding things aren't as important as each other :)
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I hear you JudderMan luckily i have done all that, but reason i have this is we are moving house was *suppose* to be a run around car..

I like the idea of wrapping the roof too, but only issue is i have bubbling on the rails so really should get all that fixed first. But then i think i should get a full respray but is it really worth it?
Good good, once this wedding is out of the way that car of mine won't know what's hit it :)

If the rest of the car is good then just mask off the rails and treat them/paint them, then wrap it. I guess it would trap air/moisture and make it worse if you wrapped it over the rust and you wouldn't know about it.
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Yea moving house in June and will have nice big garage i can get the car into so i have been tempted to just do exactly that, for there are a few spots to sort out. But don't want to baws it up... So watch this space :D
Nice one. Just watch lots of Wheeler Dealers/You Tube and take your time....says he that hasn't done any body work without screwing it up :)
Nice change!! Was looking at getting my wheels redone at some point but like you say and well I know from my old car once you start changing things its hard to stop as you keep going "oh just this little bit" oh and maybe that....

Still I like the silver and black on it!! :)
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