Sandwich's BT Stroker Build....

Just purchased this fine lump of metal
TSR Garrett Tubular manifold and 3" downpipe

cant wait to see it in the flesh....

Make sure they weld on the mount for the EGT probe. They missed mine and so far have taken nearly a month to get one sent to me, plus the turbo lines I ordered and they forgot to send. Hopeless.

It's an awesome looking bit of kit though. A shame it can't be seen when it's on.
Make sure they weld on the mount for the EGT probe. They missed mine and so far have taken nearly a month to get one sent to me, plus the turbo lines I ordered and they forgot to send. Hopeless.

It's an awesome looking bit of kit though. A shame it can't be seen when it's on.

yeah I emailed them a while ago, and mentioned your dealings with them, hopefully they sort it out for you soon!
was considering their turbo line kit, but am looking at various hardline options trying to decide is hard man! see what your opinion is when you get yours

Yeah its a shame to hide it all away its a good looking combo!
I wanted to go hard line but getting them made here just would be a ball ache and the place where I'm putting the engine in (and helping with the build) don't have the facilities so I'll have to settle for braided lines and fire sleeve. Not ideal but it'll have to do for now.
Just a little update for you mate

All exhaust ports had the main cutting done, cleaned up the combustion chamber and started on the inlet ports

Didn't get any picts of the crack and the welding done as that happened the same time i did my arm, Talking about my arm this is how i'm working with it lol







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You fecking mad man Andrew LOL... props mate for getting on with it... looking forward to having a butchers at mine next week when it turns up...

Just received my bottom end back from the balancer today everything looks good except my fluidampr its a little bit chewed around the edge, not going to be an issue but a bit annoying at the same time!

I then found out my main bearing clearance and found everything to around 1.6 thou which I believe it within spec. (No 4 came off with the cap)

I think im going to take my crank into work and get the trigger wheel bolts tig'd to make sure they don't come loose. I am abit nervous about doing up the arp crank bolt by wedging the crank, with my luck I will crack the block!!
Ive got my flywheel bolts, diamond friction disc and my piston ring sleeve Wiseco piston assembly tool buy cheap coming along with my oil chain and tensioner soon so hopefully by next week I should have my bottom end 90% done!
thought id throw in a wee diesel picture I took when down on a course at hms sultan seen as we all love them.....
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Small update on the engine front, been waiting an age for a parcel to be delivered so I could get on with the build and it arrived today

Once I had my piston ring sleeve I set about building up the bottom end. i fitted my crank and torqued up to spec and when I span it I could hear a rubbing noise coming from the trigger wheel, i narrowed it down to the trigger wheel bolts I welded up and found they were catching on some small nubs in the block. So it was off with the crank again :( and the I got the dremmel out to smooth over the welds,clean down the crank to get rid of grinding dust, re-install torqued up it span freely :) Next i fitted the pistons using the piston sleeve, lovely bit of kit( probably abit self indulgent when i bought it works a treat) torqued to 55ftlbs and released 3 times then re torqued.

Next i fitted the front main seal, was a bit of a pain in the **** as i had no tapered adapter to aid sliding the seal on so i improvised and used the neck off a tall slim bottle worked a treat slid over and then bolted it down complete with the sealant, i used the sleeve for the rear main but didn't get any shots as i only had a helper for 5 mins to remove it from the stand then back up.

also managed to get some stainless steel pipe from my work that was surplus to requirements, will be a while before i get round to mocking that up tho as i don't plan to fit the engine until late spring as its all going to done in my street lol
Still have to torque up my crank pulley then i can close up the bottom end with my sump, buy new knock sensors and crank sensor and fit the oil filter housing etc then its turbo purchase time once i actually decide on one.....
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an someone put me at ease here and tell me the timing cog is the correct distance away from the front main seal housing as I think ive seen one were its right up against the face????
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It won't physically go any further as that's it with the quarter turn added, but once you get a wee doubt it's hard to

Yeah seen that billet version, with 6 holes for the damper, thate got me para as well now need to locktite my damper bolts on now!
Just a couple of pics of where i'm at just now. Still waiting on buying a turbo, how long is it ok to leave the engine in this state bearing in mind it all has assembly lube on it?

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Mines been sat in assembly lube for a few months... assembly lube is fine... will not go dry.... as always for start is unplug injectors and turn over to get the oil circulating... no need to put oil in at this stage but I tend to take the cam cover off and pour oil over the cams etc before filling completely