Chrome Trim on B7 Steering Wheel - Can you buy these on their own?


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Aug 6, 2008
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Hi there,

I've just bought a 2006 A4 S-Line Cabriolet and the chrome effect silver trim surrounding the 4 rings on the airbag cover on the steering wheel is a bit discoloured.

Can you buy these bits of trim separately or do you have to buy an entire airbag unit for £100+ ?

Any help or pointers would be great...


Not sure if they can be removed, but I guess you could mask off and spray it.
no but you can buy an airbag cover with them fitted
around 40 for the 3 spoke wheel from ebay
I wanted to change mine as it's scratched, but I've been told it's clipped in, on the inside, so would have to disconnect airbag & remove cover.
Yeah some airbags are riveted to the cover, but you can drill these out, remove cover & fit inside new, redo rivets, can also find a blown airbag with decent looking 4rings, then do the same, remove airbag, swap rings over, refit.
personally i would paint the ones you have or replace airbag ,would not like to dismantle an airbag and if you did and refix new badge and its not fit correctly it would become a projectile in event of accident .
Thanks for the replies peeps...

Like I said, its not the Audi logo on the airbag cover on the steering wheel, its the silver surround part that is the same shape as the grille on the front of the car that's discoloured.

I may try and respray it but I'm not sure what the results would look like.

I've not seen any airbag covers for sale on ebay, just the enture airbag unit for £100+ - maybe I'll have to look at bit harder.

I think a bit of chrome wrap would be better than spraying it, if you take your time it should come out ok.