Organ donor register

its a good idea to reg
but just not for me.
hope 1 comes up for your bro quick.
Was chatting to the misses about this a minute ago, we wondered, of those that would decline to be a donor, would they accept an organ to save their life?

The difference it makes to someone life, or even the help it does for research makes it seem a no brainer, after all, we wont be needing them when we are gone.
I was thinking that we are all in nowadays unless you opt out of the donation thing ?

Sadly this hasn't been brought in yet.

The other thing you need to do after registering is to let your family know your wishes. Even if you are on the list, if your family refuse when you die your organs are wasted. If everyone knows what your wishes are then this shouldn't happen.
I am registered DNR and donate anything they want except my eyes.