Southwest meet - Weston-Super-Mare - 31st March

Nice to meet some of you guys if only briefly, had to cut short due to my buddies hangover kicking in!
I need him well tomorrow to fit my lowering springs!
same here, was a good day, except for the blow out on the way home.......

Iv got a few pics i will start a new topic with, so if any one has any to add, please do.....
Maybe not a BH and free parking!
Yeah right!! maybe next time we should find a local show and arrange to have a stand.....may be get some other areas involved, id travel a few extra miles for a good show,,,,,, USC is coming up in August ;-)
Sorry I couldn't make it easter hols had to visit family but I'd defo be up for another SW meet sometime. Looks like a good time was had by all though