S2000 air filter mod - problems / questions


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Feb 2, 2012
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Hi guys,

So after reading all about this mod, I picked one of the S2000 filters up thinking it would be a 5 minute easy job....not so apparently. Come up with a few problems / questions I need your help with! Before I begin, mines an X-reg year 2000 APY code S3. I've cabled tied the filter in general place for the moment, but obviously this will have to change. Luckily I don't need to drive the car tonight, but I do tomorrow.

1) Most obviously, my filter nubbin doesn't reach the little clip in the engine bay which the standard filter housing clips into (see picture below). Everything I've heard said it slots straight in....mine is nowhere near!! So, with that, was thinking a short length of silicone hose to bridge the gap? I imagine I will need an adapter from 80mm (MAF) to whatever the outer diameter of the S2000 filter is...Or am I missing something?


2) I was taking it apart and suddenly went...oh yeah....my SAI connection! So for now I have just cable tied it away as you see here. How did you guys deal with this though? Did you just all do the SAI delete? I've seen pictures of a little mini cone filter put onto the SAI pipe - is this the best way to go?


3) The S2000 filter positioning itself. In the pictures you can see where my filter sits if I let it sit where the TIP likes to put it (i.e. no strain on any parts). However, in this position it hits the trunking (wrapped in yellow and black floor tape in my picture.....long story...). So my question is, when you install yours, do you care about it putting some strain on the TIP and just pull it into a better position? Also, I don't know if anyone else has noticed / cares - but in my positioning, the filter touches the bonnet when it closes. Again, is this solved by getting the nubbin to fit into the existing clip? And I guess this will help keep the whole assembly fixed in place while driving, because at the moment mine wobbles around like nobodies business!


4) Did you guys remove the existing rubber part in the engine bay which was the existing feed to the OEM airbox? (see picture below)


Thanks for all the help guys! Was just putting it on, and when it didn't quite go according to plan I thought of all these other questions at the same time! :)
To answer you first question mate I think people bend the bracket forward slightly and a breather on the SAI pipe will be fine or you can delete it hope this helps
Thanks mate. Looks like they don't shove the filter all the way flush to the shoulders on the MAF too. Any other tips guys? Meant the drive the car this evening, but may have to put the standard airbox back on if I can't get this to work properly
Mine doesn't sit all the way on the maf, and I have bent the bracket slightly. This makes my filter fit fine, and misses the bonnet. i'll see if I can upload a photo to show you what I mean.
Ok, so it doesn't matter if I bend the TIP down a little to get the filter into place so that it misses the bonnet? Don't want to stress something and have it split later because of it or restrict airflow down the TIP
Well, managed to get it fitted to my liking. Will at some point get some 80mm silicone to space out the filter and will make a heat shield which the MAF can mount to so that it's all more stable.

I had to remove the standard intake from the wing, but I don't have time to fit a cold air feed now. Is it ok to run without that rubber intake for the time being? I imagine it is...

Previously talked about a couple of weeks ago is there actually any need for a cold air feed and a heat shield on a turbo car, as since the cold air you are trying to put through air intake/filter, soon gets heated up to silly temperature when the cold air hits the turbo. (of course the intercoolers will then cool this down again before going into your inlet.

Your heat shield to hold the maf better is a good idea, but the cold air feed I wouldn't worry about bud :)
dude, I see no problems with your install at all.

it doesn't need the tab on the wing. Who cares? I wouldn 't worry.

SAI pipe, just ziptie it somewhere secure and forget about it, stretch a sock or some tights over it to filter incomming air.

You are worrying about nothingness chap, just shut the bonnet and go drive :)
Thanks guys :) Yeah, I'm being pretty picky about this, but I'm really picky about everything about the car lol... I've done it anyway and have gone for a drive and it's still there, so all good for now :) Next is to stick my "de-cat" back on...
Hey chaps, I'm looking at doing this tomorrow and was after a little more sound and a bit more power, any good? They look cool.

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