18" RS4 style centre caps


Audi A6 C6 Avant 3.0tdi Le Mans S-Line
All I have an 2008 B7 with the 18" RS4 style wheels and someone has stolen all four centre caps!!

I'm not happy at all but could someone let me know the genuine part numbers please?

I have tried to search the forum with negative results

Many thanks for any help Adam


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Am not sure if they original part would fit, as 18's were never oem....Maybe another member may be able to confirm. Fleabay may be a better option.

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Audi A6 C6 Avant 3.0tdi Le Mans S-Line
Yer looking on there now but nothing seems to be the right size :-(


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Don't bother mate its just a matter of time when the T****s steal em again. well unless you have safe garage to keep the car overnight.
I had 3 sets stolen until learned the lesson and gave up..
I know the pain you feel right now as them wheels look quite ugly without the center caps.
My suggestion would be, to keep these wheels as they are as a winter set and get some nice flashy aftermarket ones for the summer season.
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my suggestion would be to silicone the **** out the back of the caps so they dont get stolen again


Audi A6 C6 Avant 3.0tdi Le Mans S-Line
Think I have found the fake eBay ones I need for £10 Audi want £70 so will try the fake ones then get the oem ones again and stick them in!

TOM.S I know mate would like some fake 18" rotors but it's just £400+ that can be better spent at the moment unfortunantly!


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Think the part number is: 8DO601165K.

I also had mine stolen approx 18 months ago and decided to go down the cheaper ebay copies as I didn't want to spend £100 with Audi for four more, only to probably get them stolen again.
The ebay ones lasted 12-18 months before they were looking a bit cr**py, so have just recently replaced them with some more ebay ones as I had my wheels fully refurbished and didn't want to put the old ones back on and spoil the look.


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The part number for 18" rs4 wheels is 4B0601170A or 4B0601170A 7ZJ which has the silver ring about the outside. If you dont want the ring then 4B0601170 or 4B0601170 7ZJ . Cheapest i seen is ebay USA or germany for the actually genuine ones with picture of the stamping to prove it on back.
The genuine ones are stamped and have a clip to remove audi ring which is held in place by 4 main holes and another two are just to stop it moving.