2G MMI Sat Nav Updates?


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May 17, 2011
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Hi All!

I have the 2G MMI DVD based Sat Nav in my 2009 A4 B8. It has the 2009 DVD Nav disc and I would like to update it.
Apart from updated maps, what other (if any) other improvements are there?

I have heard something about 3D or birds eye view being improvements?

What are these differences in 2009 v 2010 v 2011 v 2012 v 2013 updates?

Also where can I get a 2013 disc without paying a fortune from Audi?

I can't find any on eBay.

Also is there any risk in updating the nav and is it just a case of inserting the new disc and waiting for the upload?

Many Thanks in Advance!
2009 2G car should already have 3D views and ruuning the latest MMI updates (5570 in the A4, A5), are you sure you have 2G? do you have a 6 CD changer in the dash or 2x SD card slots.
Are there any known issues with the update? Looking at doing this update on an 06 A6, going to the 5570 updated version.
As the OP asked is it a simple insert disk and follow instructions or will anything need coding in VCDS? Only as I'm a little worried about losing some from features as the AMI may return to basic settings after the update.
what better functionality does the firmware upgrade bring ? i can obtain the disks , but didnt bother with the firmware upgrade as it can take over 2 hours with the ignition on = flat battery + dead nav unit .
i did use the 2012 nav disk though and that did an upgrade itself took only a few minutes .

wish they would add speed cameras though.