S line Twin Cut Out Rear Bumper


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Oct 19, 2005
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Been looking on ebay for a s line rear bumper with the twin cut outs for the exhaust - cant seem to find one and iv been patient enough, decided to bite the bullet and buy new from TPS, last time i rang them it was approx £110, just for the lower half of the rear bumper...

what i want to know, is which exhaust tips would you use? can anyone recommend a somewhere to get the exhaust tips which look standard factory type like the 1.8T Sline 2004's have...

any advice???
Well that's gone up in price...!! Just ordered rear s line spoiler from TPS £166 inc vat, im sure it were £110 last time I enquired,

Hopefully gonna have it fitted this weekend - now I need to source exhaust tips!
I think standard 1.8T tips are 63mm from memory. Some people opt for 100mm, which fill the holes fully, others prefer 80mm which don't look quite so 'big'.

Have you looked at Powerflow's website?

Tail Pipes from Powerflow
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Ok thanks mate, I'm gonna have a look through the power flow website,

I think il look at approx 80mm for mine

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