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Oct 24, 2012
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Having a quick through the forum but unable to find my exact problem. When i shut the door it catches the latch but doesn't fully close. Now if i do it really gently it is sometimes ok but not always. Is this the locking mechnism that needs to be replaced?
It's going in for a MOT tomorrow and getting the timing belt changed as well, for bought the car a couple months ago and doesn't look like it was done yet. Car done 99k miles so think it's needing done at 115k but better safe than sorry.

Was going to ask for the door to be looked at as well, but thought i would ask if it is something simple?

Ok mate thanks will say that too when i drop the car off in the morning. Should maybe just give the guy a list, anything else you recon would be worth while?
Ok mate thanks will say that too when i drop the car off in the morning. Should maybe just give the guy a list, anything else you recon would be worth while?

If it's not been done I would seriously suggest dropping the sump and cleaning / replacing the oil pick up pipe. A little search of the forum will show you that you don't want it clogging up and starving the engine of it's much needed lube!
Figging 700quid worth of work to be done, i hate to think what it would have been if i had went to audi. And the garage i am using i have used before. Seems there is a list of things needing done.
hi plimpix
i have a 1999 s3 on 152000 miles. got very good history, i have had it since may 2012. i have spent about £600 since i bought it. all i can say is its worth every penny, mine seems sweer as a nut at the moment, theyre old motors nowadays.

keep the faith theyre worth it.
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I hope this is true of mine and it will run sweet as, any ideas on the door tho. In saying that it might come back fixed with the amount of wedge it's costing me for this mot.
I have the same issue with the door, im very sure its the door latch catch sum1 may correct me but its the mechanism on the actual door. Try greasing it if this don't work then u need to replace it as there is a spring inside that is worn usually drivers doors go first as it is most used. new part from audi was i think between £50-80 i last time i called. I greased it and now if i dont slam it its ok but i intend on changing it coz sumtimes it plays up but my money seems to be going on modding atm lol saving for a badger 5 Tip :)
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thanks mate, will see how it is when i get it back. Now looking at better alloy's was thinking of punting it on after it got MOT'd but i won't get that ££ back so will just keep it :D
any pics of your car mate?

Naw do not, i had bought it as a cheap run about till i move house. For had a 2010 WRX Sti Saloon before it but sold it cos i am moving house. But now i am spending 700 quid to get it though it's MOT i might just have to start making some changes. So will take some pics when i get it back. There are quite a few cosmetic things i wouldn't mind getting fixed then i think i will give it a full detail when i get it back, including paint correction.
Hi, I'm having the same issue on my a3 with the door and was wondering if the greasing worked for you? I'm willing to try anything with it before I buy any parts that i might not need!

Make sure the latch is fully back. It has two teeth so push it back more. Happened to me in the morning once.
I have had problems with both my doors not shutting properly. You would have to pull the door in or a good push for it shut. I found trying to close it with a little force - it just bounced off the latch. Trying the lock with a screwdriver it looked like it was latching properly but apparently a spring can go inside which causes issues.

I replaced both locks - guide on the forum but was quite easy and it seemed to fix the issue. Locks i got off eBay for about £30 a lock

Edit: reading comments above I actually found greasing it (my initial idea to fix) actually made it worse
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So thanks for all the posts, now replaced the lock on the drivers door and now closes fine.. :D

Now for the next thing drivers side replacement wing mirror glass..

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