Spotted another black rs3 north London


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Feb 23, 2012
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Black rs3 at oakwood cockfosters north London

Today @ about 3pm
If there are 250-RS3s here in the UK, the supposedly original number; and then Audi added to that original 250-cars with another 500 to make the reported 750-UK RS3s; where are they?

For example: in my own 'brake squeal' frustration' listing, I've only got 51-cars listed, and only 33-of those report brake squeal, the other 18-cars report no brake squeal - no wonder Audi UK aren't interested, it's not a huge problem, whatever we may think.

So where are the 250-RS3s? That should be easy. Where the other 500 are may be difficult.

Honest: since September 2011 when I purchased my car I've only ever seen 2-other RS3's on the road.

Hands-up guys, who's got em?
some of these cars might be replicas to the bone.
try to race one or listen for the diesel rattle rumble
and smoke.

Honest: since September 2011 when I purchased my car I've only ever seen 2-other RS3's on the road.

I have owned mine 6 months, I see a white one regularly up my way. I also see a white and a red one quite often down in Aberdeen.

So including my black RS3, that's 4 accounted for. :yes:
Aberdeen Audi have sold quite a few RS3s I think maybe 15 but I've only ever seen one other one on the road and it was a red one in the little town where I live
I see another Daytona Grey 12 reg one here in Leeds quite a bit. I even parked up two spaces away from it one day !!

Also seen a Red one one morning.

Apart from that zilch in 4 months, apart from my visit to 45vbtc's of course !
in a year nearly of ownership ive only seen 2
In the past two weeks, I've seen one black RS3 parked at Sevenoaks rail station, one grey RS3 and one red RS3 parked up in the town centre, and one black RS3 driving through Riverhead just outside of town. Apart from that, I've seen very few!
The grey one is mine...There is a white one I see in Sevenoaks sometimes as well as the ones you mentioned. I reckon Sevenoaks has the highest RS3 per capita ratio in the country!

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